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March 22 2006

We have always had "rescue dogs," and they have all been good-tempered and reasonably well-behaved, so we never thought about special training. And then along came Shelby.

Shelby is a Silky Terrier who came to us as a two-year-old, and although he is a sweet little guy, he was not a good dog. He had lived alone in a backyard kennel most of his young life, and did not focus his attention on us very much. He enjoyed affection, but he was not at all concerned with pleasing us. He barked at every little noise, jumped on people, and didn't come when he was called. He was completely exasperating, and our other two dogs were picking up his bad habits.

Our veterinarian recommended Bark Busters, and in one aftemoon, we learned how to take control of our dogs, our lives, and our household. The transformation in Shelby in that first training session was incredible - in the blink of an eye he became a different dog. We are still in the first weeks of training, but all three dogs have learned to pay close attention to our instructions. In fact, their response has been so enthusiastic that it seems as if our dogs had been waiting for us to learn how to take charge!

Although Shelby was very cute and sweet, I had started to dislike him because of the disruption he caused. Now I look at him with greater affection, because he is no longer a wild, exasperating little creature disrupting our home. What a difference!

When our friends come to visit, they cannot believe the change. A knock on the front door used to be followed by an extended period of dogs barking and jumping while we tried to greet our guests over the chaos. Now the dogs bark briefly and sit down.

Of course, "dog training" is actually "people training." Ray and Niki started by explaining the reasons dogs act the way they do, and based on that understanding, they showed us how to change our behavior toward our dogs. The training is gentle, basic, and easy to understand. We treat our dogs with the same love and affection as always, but now we know how to let the dogs know what the rules are, and our dogs seem happier and more secure because they understand the boundaries.

Bark Busters training has changed all our lives for the better. The dogs are "tuned in" and our household is becoming more peaceful each day. We are so grateful to Ray and Niki, and recommend Bark Busters to all our friends.

Ben and Pauli C.
LA, California

March 21 2006

Ann did such a great job with us and Zelda, our three-year-old mixed lab/shepherd. I cannot say enough about how well she worked with us in just two sessions. Zelda was feeling very protective in our new home, and experiencing some problems with new people coming into the house. Anne is an excellent trainer, and the difference in the quality of our lives is immeasurable. We were able to have friends and family over for the holidays with no problems. We are still using the tools that she taught us with Zelda. Thank you so much, Anne; how much sense it makes when you go through the session like that. We are very grateful.

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Joanie & Ted M.
Parkville, MD

March 21 2006

It is unbelievable how well the training worked in such a short time. Our puppies have turned into little angels.

Melonie I.

March 21 2006

Ray & Nikki Reyes dealt with: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Pulling on the Lead Recall or not coming when called Toileting Other

The results speak for themselves!

Darnell C.
Bel Air, California

March 20 2006

Greg was so great in training our Bernese Mountain Dog ... and us! We had a previous ugly experience at a popular dog training facility, resulting in a frightened dog and a trip to the veterinarian thanks to the trainer's "methods" of getting our dog to do what was asked of her. Therefore, we were somewhat skeptical of dog training, period, until we met Greg. He was so kind and patient with our dog, and very thorough in answering all our questions. Our dog does what we ask of her not out of fear or from being intimidated, but because she's happy to please us. We recommend Bark Busters 1000%

Dave & Crystal M.- Reynoldsburg, OH
Reynoldsburg, OH

March 19 2006

Our trainer, Jan, was amazing. Our 2-year-old beagle, Tasha, was one very wired dog, thanks to my inconsistencies and her stubborness. After one session, Jan had given me the tools and information I needed to work with Tasha's howling, possessiveness, separation anxiety, pulling on walks, and the list goes on. She immediately was walking quietly behind me on a loose leash, her nightly howling stopped, she's more confident, and we're much more relaxed and happy. Now, we go for more frequent and longer walks, and actually enjoy them. Jan returned for a second visit, and she and I chatted while Tasha napped at my feet - I never thought I'd see that day. And with practice, I know we'll only get better. Bark Busters is the best! Thank you so much, Jan!

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Kerrie L.

March 16 2006

Vito was GREAT! We learned so much from him & saw immediate results. I've had dogs all of my life, taking each through obedience training but until now none of that training taught my dogs how to be family members so quickly. The natural techniques work better than anything I've tried.

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Mary A.
St. Petersburg, FL

March 15 2006

Michelle did a great job addressing the issues I have been having with Dodger, as well as answering any and all the questions I had. I've seen an immediate response in Dodger.

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Michael C.
Pomona, NY

March 14 2006

Amazing! In 30 minutes my wild dog, who never minds, is responding to commands.

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Ken & Lynn H.
Tomball, Texas

March 13 2006

Jack rocks! Through Jack's training, we are slowly but surely becoming better dogs. We have seen great improvement with our dog, austin, and anticipate continues improvement. We hope to someday command as much respect from Austin as he gives to Jack!! Thank you so much!!

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Sharon B.
Bellevue, WA

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