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Tigard | June 03 2012
Lisa was very easy to work with. She explained things, had us try them, and then explained what could be done a little better. Some of the changes in our dog were immediate - walking to heel, following us through doorways, even getting into his crate! It was eye opening for us when when she explained that when the dog does something wrong, he's not a "bad dog," he just made a mistake! We were excited to learn this "new" way of training and to see the results! (this was a new type of training for us!) I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. It was so great to spend time learning new things and then see the results. I could not be happier with the experience! To learn that were were the ones who needed the help and that our dog would then respond was an eye-opener! Permalink
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Beaverton | March 26 2012
Lisa was very thorough and complete in her explanation of the training techniques. She was able to use her "dog powers" to calm down Ellie and I can learn from what she did. It was interesting, fun and Ellie and I both liked the training. On day one, Lisa gave me confidence that I can do this. I had gotten so many differing opinions that I was confused. I have hope this will work. Thanks, Lisa! Permalink
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Tigard | March 02 2012
After trying the techniques once or twice, my dog followed thru very well. I saw immediate results. My dog wasn't the same. He listened! I felt empowered and could see how my behavior promoted his bad behavior. The training was very interesting. You learn so much about yourself and your behaviors as well as your dog. Anyone who needs to change the behavior in their dogs will benefit from Bark Busters. I love working with Lisa, she is encouraging and knows how you feel about your canine friends. Permalink
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Milwaukie | February 09 2012
We saw results right away. Our dog really wants to please us, which is great. The training method was so helpful. We learned the best way to communicate with a dog in their own language. I am happy to know that I can always contact Lisa to keep her updated or to ask questions. We would definitely recommend Bark Busters! Permalink
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Tualatin | January 20 2012
In August 2011 we called Al and Lisa Holzer from Bark Busters to help us with our two year old, Labrador/Beagle mix, named Sparky. He was having issues with jumping up on people, running to the front door when someone knocked and pulling on his leash during walks. Lisa came to our house and taught us techniques to help in each of these areas. The Bark Busters' approach works by not only by training the dogs but the owners as well. It incorporates all family members (including kids) so the training is consistent. After some follow-up visits with Lisa, we were ready to show off Sparky's new behavior when we hosted Thanksgiving for 20+ people at our house. He behaved liked a perfect angel and we have received many compliments on his new calm demeanor. He no longer rushes the front door and there is no issue with jumping up on people. We have had several friends and family members inquire about Sparky's training and we are happy to recommend Al and Lisa! Permalink
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Beaverton | December 23 2011
We are thrilled that our dog Higgins has stopped growling at our puppy Gigi. We like the fact that the training is not food motivated. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable. We found that we can now read Higgins' body language to see if he is going to become aggressive. Lisa is awesome! Permalink
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Tigard | October 19 2011
Lisa explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Lenny is not a "typical" dog and your natural training techniques are why we contacted you. Thanks for your help. The leash line in the house has helped him remain calm and he's now coming to me when called. And that's just in one day! Permalink
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West Linn | October 11 2011
Velvet is doing great on everything except come and that's because we haven't been working on it. We had friends over the other day and we had them ignore her and she settled down quickly and came over and licked their hands. She is doing very well with sit, stay, free at the door although now and again she sneaks out. Her jumping has greatly reduced (very rare these days and if she does jump it is just once as she knows it is wrong) and she responds well to "Bah". Overall, all is great and the concerns we had are addressed. When we settle down and focus on come we should have a very good dog even though her anxiety is still higher than average. We are pleased and grateful for your help and enjoy our dog much more now. The cost was worth it and my husband now says our training at Petco was a waste of time. We could have spent the same money and a lot more time with their route and still had a poorly behaved dog. Scary thought. Permalink
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Lake Oswego | August 22 2011
Bark Busters was really great and knowledgeable about giving us the tools about how to make sure that my family members and I are the leaders of our household, not our dogs. They had our dogs trained to no longer bark when people come to the front door within 10 minutes! Having the trainers come into your house and the lifetime guarantee they offer are both added conveniences. Al and Lisa are both wonderful people to work with, and come highly recommended. Permalink
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Beaverton | April 25 2011
Bark Busters really does provide immediate results. My 1½ year old pit bull was such a fearful reactive dog, I feared taking him out and having people over to my home. With the help of Lisa and sticking to the rules he is a changed dog. Thank you for all that you do. Permalink

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