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Beaverton | April 19 2011
I can't believe within just a few hours our dogs showed so much improvement. Thank you! Permalink
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West Linn | February 13 2011
Lisa was very thorough in her explanation of the training techniques. It made so much sense and we saw results at the first session. The experience was interesting and enjoyable. Lisa made us feel comfortable with the techniques and we would recommend Bark Busters without hesitation. Permalink
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West Linn | December 25 2010
Lisa was very thorough and helpful in explaining the training techniques. On every visit, Gipper has made progress. We appreciate the minimal emphasis on food for treats. The experience was interesting and enjoyable. Lisa is very pleasant, patient and kind. We have already recommended Bark Busters to two of our neighbors! Permalink
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Milwaukie | November 28 2010
Al explained the process very clearly and it was easy for us to understand. Within a few days from starting training, we were very pleased with the results. We really liked the verbal approach instead of being physical. We have already recommended Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. Al is very enjoyable to work with and we are seeing great results with Moose. Worth every penny! Permalink
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Milwaukie | November 03 2010
This is Amanda & Justin, we met for our first session this last Saturday. We just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know how encouraged we have been after our session on Saturday. We have been consistent with Moose in correcting unwanted behaviors and praising good behaviors and what a difference we have seen in Moose! It is amazing, I think Moose is now seeing us as the leaders and the transition has been so quick! Our walks are so much more pleasant and he is starting to unwind indoors. Thank you! We look forward to meeting with you in a couple of weeks. Permalink
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Lake Oswego | November 03 2010
Good presentation! Lisa answered our questions, especially as they specifically related to our dog. We have used the techniques and have made great progress. The psychology seemed so natural! Certainly it worked with our dog and was fun also. Great results and tools that work. It was fun helping our dog and helped us be better partners. We would recommend Bark Busters because it works-absolutely! Great tools and process...a good investment. Permalink
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Lake Oswego | August 13 2010
Lisa explained the program very well. You could tell she knows dogs and was interested in Violet's training. Violet responded well to the "bah" growl immediately. I was very pleased with the natural training techniques and found that it's as much about owner-training as dog-training. I was very impressed with both the Holzer's response and the overall training. Permalink
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Wilsonville | July 04 2010
Al, thank you so much for being the kind, caring person you are, and thank you Bark Busters. The afternoon you came, I was ready to take him back to the breeder, as it was my screeching, "Stop, No," water spray, etc. He barked at every human, bike, pet, squirrel. I was at the end of my rope. It's been a year of this, and you realized it, and I'm so thankful to you!!! I had an all-day appointment to figure out my hip pain, and I left him in the kitchen. The neighbor let him out for a half hour on the porch, and NO BARKING!!! I am now calmer, and Sidney is too. Truthfully, I have been a prisoner in my house. I couldn't leave him because of the barking. Not any more. He just barked when someone went by, I corrected him, he stopped and went to sleep in his bed! I am more than grateful to you. Permalink
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Milwaukie | June 12 2010
The immediate results were absolutely incredible. I was pleased with the natural training methods and loved the growling! It was fun to watch the magical transformation in my dog. I have already enthusiastically recommended Bark Busters to everyone I can think of. It is the best program! Magic! I have a totally new dog! Permalink
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Beaverton | June 09 2010
Verbal/physical demonstrations were excellent, and the flip chart and documents were extremely helpful. There were noticeable results after just the first session! All problem areas but one were pretty much resolved. Bark Busters' techniques make so much more sense than the "treat" method. Al and Lisa were wonderful, and I have already recommended them to both friends and neighbors. The results of training were nothing short of remarkable. Worth every penny. Thank you! Permalink

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