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BETTY L South Gate, Los Angeles, California | June 20 2019
Derek came for first time really like him he gave me a lot of information and eased my fears of doing something wrong I have a very high energy Yorkie named Charlie he addressed my Issues and concerns Charlie is starting to get it takes time and following program I work and am away from the house for many hours but Charlie still doing well on program I called Derek with some concerns and he gave me helpful advice and set up a follow up session hope I'll be better trained by then LOL Derek was very patient with me when I called him for follow up on concerns and seems really caring this way of training is very gentle so your fur baby won't be scared I know its going to take time because I'm not stay at home mom and he is young I'll let you know more later after next session Permalink
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Kim E
Kim E Burbank, Los Angeles, California | June 13 2019
Met with Dereck who is a great guy and immediately showed me and my Mom the language that we needed to speak for our dog to hear us. My 6 year old GSD connected the next day with me on attentiveness exercises and walking without pulling. It was the first walk in over 18 months that I felt confident and he felt confident about me. I also got great tips on diet and natural remedies for his health that I totally appreciate. Started his new food and he loves it. This is a great training regimen and isn’t about treats but rather about communicating effectively with your dog and understanding what he needs from you. Permalink
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Renee L Whittier, California | May 06 2018
It's amazing what a few short hours can accomplish when the right techniques are used! Teddy and Ripley made tremendous progress the 1st night of our appointment, and daily practice is really sinking in. They have gone from out-of-control destructive and over-excited behavior when guest arrive and when I leave the house to a calmer, more focused, and guest-friendly behavior. They've even started sitting in front of an open door waiting for me to give them the go-head. WOW!! Thank you, Derek! Permalink
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Julie B Henderson, Nevada | January 04 2018
Thank you Lisette for our first lesson with our headstrong and independent Australian Cattle dog! Although we had taken obedience classes it didn't help our boy with his aggression issues. During the first lesson Lisette helped us be consistent and in charge with verbal correction. No treats or harsh tools involved! After chatting with us about our boy and his brother, what they eat, how they interact, and what their life is like, she quickly understood his issues and developed a plan to desensitize him. What a difference! Before she left we were even able to enter the closet with the vacuum cleaner without him becoming agitated and know by doing our homework we'll be able to turn it on later with the same calm results. The boys were waiting away from the front door with small corrections instead of being underfoot and in a visitor's space. Lisette helped us to practice the exercises so we could work on our own with confidence. Before leaving she verbally went over the exercises and sent videos for us to watch just in case we need to refresh ourselves on the steps. She made certain we had both her and Derek's cell numbers, and reassured us that we could call or text with questions anytime and they would come back before the next lesson if we needed help. She made suggestions and provided a websites for items that would help our boy. The house was calmer and quieter the very first day! Our walk was easier and fun for us all as he was able to relax and begin to ignore the barking small dogs, and other people and dogs walking. Lisette is a great teacher and understands what the dogs needs as well as the humans with significant results after the first lesson! JB, Henderson Permalink
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Janet B Las Vegas, Nevada | December 28 2017
I was very impressed that treats or "punishment" are not used. My 2 yr old English Mastiff came to me a little over a month ago. He had no leash training or obedience training at all. His other people literally drug him around by his collar! Derek helped me get a collar on Henry and we walked around my yard on leash to very good results. Henry and I did about 18 minutes today on leash, and he did very well. He has been wearing his collar for a couple hours today, and doesn't seem to know it is on him. This is progress! Permalink
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Eddren E Las Vegas, Nevada | June 06 2017
My husband and i were VERY hesitant when it came to contacting Bark Busters to assist us with some issues we were having with our Maltese & Yorkie. In the past we had spent close to $1,000 with a trainer and faithfully carried out the training methods we were shown after the sessions had ended,needless to say the methods we were shown were not working. To make a long story short the previous training methods we were shown may have caused more issues rather than solve existing ones. Fast forward to contacting Bark Busters. With Bark Busters this was not the case at all from the moment of our first conversation/consultation to the first training session we were educated in a way that was both easy to understand and made perfect sense to us. Behaviors were addressed and reasoning behind those behaviors were brought to light which also helped us as pet owners. Their training methods and techniques are not like any we've had in the past yet it worked for us and continues to work for us. It also gave us great peace of mind to know that for the life of our dogs we would have Bark Busters to rely on if we need a refresher. Permalink
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Denise P Las Vegas, Nevada | May 20 2017
I am so impressed with Derek and Lissette's ability to make change with my 2 year old Morkie on the first day. It was Amazing to see how he responded so quickly with their training. They did not rush the traning and made sure you had time to ask any questions you might have. They truly are the best. Please use them for your dog and trust me you will not be disappointed. "Wow" is all I can say!! Permalink
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Shannon B
Shannon B Las Vegas, Nevada | April 19 2017
As first time dog owners, we are clueless as to how to train a dog. As a result, puppy Jax has been running our home. We met with Derek and Lisette and I was completely amazed at how well their training works. Lisette connected with Jax and he listened to every command she gave him. I'm confidant we will have our puppy trained in no time thanks to Derek and Lisettes training. I highly recommend these 2. They truly love animals and 100% know what they are doing Permalink
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Destiny H Las Vegas, Nevada | March 24 2017
Derek and Lissette gave us just what we needed! After one lesson, our 8 week old puppy was no longer barking in his crate at night - UNBELIEVABLE! We are currently working to get our 1 1/2 year old under control. The best part about Bark Busters is our dogs still get to be dogs. They still sleep in the bed with us and WE decide what behaviors are acceptable in our house, then Derek and Lissette give us the tools needed to achieve successful leadership. I highly recommend Bark Busters Las Vegas for anyone who is willing to use Derek and Lissettes knowledge to continue working with their dogs even after the trainers have left the building. Update- Called Derek and Lissette for a revisit and they were able to come by 3 days later! Once again super helpful and they really care about our dogs. Highly Recommend! Permalink
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Gary L Henderson, Nevada | March 24 2017
Lissette and Derek are really great! And I was so impressed that our little Yorkie learned so much the first visit. Excited to know that we have learned how to quiet our little barker. Permalink
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