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April 6 2009

My 10-year-old rat terrier/Chi, Susie, has always terrorized other dogs and people when we go for walks. I could never take her to friends' houses, especially if they had a dog. I've lived the past few years in fear of a lawsuit. After only TWO visits by Bark Busters, Susie and I spent Saturday evening at a couple's house with their Pomeranian, and they all got along just like they were raised together! None of us could believe the transformation of Susie, after only TWO sessions - it is a true miracle! I finally feel like there is hope for Susie to be a normal dog after all these years! Bob and Bark Busters have been the answer to my prayers!!

Coni Moore

October 23 2008

Bob was conscientious and very patient. His explanations were clear and effective. The results were dramatic! We are still a "work in progress". The training techniques are humane and reasonably simple to employ.

Naomi S.
Cypress, Texas

July 13 2008

I like this gentler method b/c my dogs are sensitive. Any one can do it !

Clare H.
Katy, Texas

February 12 2008

Bob's presentation was very informative and through! We saw a bog improvement in the dog's obedience immediately! The natural techniques are a benefit over the reward (w/treats)or any kind of negative punishments. We enjoyed the experience, learned a lot and it makes sense!

Renne R.
Spring, Texas

January 19 2008

Very patient for owners & dogs. Not only explained what to do,but why. Instant results. I noticed amazing results !!

Jared M.
Houston, Texas

January 12 2008

Amazing ! Bob presents the method very clearly w/great examples.

Tessa M.
the Woodlands, Texas

December 29 2007

The dogs picked up instantly on the technique w/great response. We don' like training that is not friendly.

Lonnie C.
The Woodlands, Texas

September 9 2007

Effective, liked that it was positive reinforcement. Bob is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping people with their dogs. Thanks!!

Samantha U.
Spring, Texas

August 15 2007

The techniques were easy to understand or Bob physically showed us how to use the techniques. Franklin responded very well even before the session was over. We love the techniques b/c its all about voice tones and body language, not physical discipline. Franklin responds much better to this method. Bob made the training enjoyable w/personal stories and tips. We are so happy with the results. Thank You, Bob !!

Justin & Amber S.
Cypress, Texas

August 12 2007

Bob is a very affable, nice gentleman. The results were excellent with this natural training method, it is very dog and people friendly. Thanks !

George and Donna H.
Cypress, Texas

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