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July 11 2007

I love that the training takes place in your own home and there is someone to call if you have problems later.

I'm thrilled that the training method doesn't involve punishment, yet is so effective.

Diana V.
Houston, Texas

July 5 2007

The concept is easy to understand and Bob did a wonderful job of explaining and demonstrating the method. Within the first hour of training we started to see amazing changes in our dogs. Bark Busters is a great combination of correcting my dogs behaviors mixed w/positive reinforcement. Bob made the the training a fun experience while working with our dogs. He made everything fun and interesting.

Jeri G.
Spring, Texas

March 26 2007

Lucy was responding immediately to the training. I wish I'd have known about Bark Busters sooner!!

Kimbrely D.
The Woodlands, Texas

March 10 2007

Amazing results!! The natural training techniques are very simple and very effective and it happened so quickly. Mercy hasn't had an accident since the day you were here (just another bonus for us because of Bark Busters).

Carl & Krystal B.
Tomball, Texas

February 20 2007

The results were immediate, yes even with my Basset Hounds! It is nice not having to use treats to train my dogs. This experience has increased the peace/decreased the stress in my home! Thanks so much, Bob!!

Ann A.
Houston, Texas

January 29 2007

After two weeks we are pleased and still amazed !!!!!

Kathy M.
Cypress, Texas

December 31 2006

Amazing results in very little time!!

Steve and Sandra K.
The Woodlands, TX

December 11 2006

Amazing results in little time. Definitely pleased with the natural training techniques. Results were wonderful and accomplished with no harsh measures. We recommend this highly!

Steve & Sandra K.
The Woodlands, Texas

November 28 2006

All instructions were very clear. Our "crazed" golden retriever became a wonderfully obedient pet within 10 days. We were amazed at how quickly our dogs responded. We enjoyed understanding the psychology behind the methods. Our dogs already had basic obedience training but serious problems still developed. Bark Busters humanely solved behavioral issues. They are more obedient and the golden is happier too. This program worked miracles on our golden who had turned very destructive and would try to escape at all cost. Amazing !!!

Karen R.
Houston, Texas

November 15 2006

The trainer is a remarkable teacher. The results were MAGICAL! I wouldn't have believed it without seeing it with my own eyes and with my dogs! It WORKS, enough said!!

Nolan R.
Houston, Texas

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