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October 31 2006

Bob takes his time and makes sure everything is correct. The results are immediate, In fact, in one session I gained control that months of effort with other methods could not produce. I always thought that dogs responded best to treats. With Bailey's weight struggles, it is so nice to be able to offer him non-food rewards. I was amazed with the transformation!!!!

Bob has visited us twice just recently, over two years after is first visit. It is so nice knowing that should I need him, he's there. Thanks so much, Bob!!!!!!

Erin M.
Kingwood, Texas

October 23 2006

The method is very easy to understand and follow. The immediate results were HUGE !! I am so pleased !! Didn't believe dog training could be so enjoyable, but it is.

Josh M.
The Woodlands, Texas

October 2 2006

Excellent methods w/immediate results. Long term fix for our dog !!

Chris & Jan P.
Houston, Texas

August 14 2006

It is nearly a month later, and we now love our dog. She has responded beautifully to the training methods that Bob taught us, and we couldn't be more pleased. Our dog now understands who is the "top dog", and life is great. I totally recommend this method of training. It is so simple, yet it works. It is definitely worth it.

Clint E.
Houston, TX

August 5 2006

Indy did not do well with the leash, he's incredible with the new techniques. Thanks, Bob !

Jenny J.
Spring, Texas

July 30 2006

This is very simple, I have a totally different dog!!!

Jane L.
Cypress, Texas

July 25 2006

Bob's explanation of the method was very informative. Naddie really responded! I couldn't believe the change. This actually works ! "Pretty Amazing Training" !!

Mark & Sherry V.
The Woodlands, Texas

July 6 2006

I've been to other trainers, but this one is by far the easiest to follow and understand. I am in total amazement with the immediate results. I like not having to rely on treats. Thanks to Bark Busters, I feel my stress level coming down already.

Gail T.
Houston, Texas

July 5 2006

I will definitely recommend this method. It works from the first day. I was shocked how fast it started to work.

Lissa P.
Spring, TX

July 5 2006

Bob answered our questions and was very patient. I will recommend Bark Busters because I saw it work and it was not cruel, no punishment or food rewards (built on a new relationshio of respect for my leadership).

Donna S.
Cypress, TX

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