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Jenny A Wauconda, Illinois | June 20 2017
I would highly recommend Brad to anyone in need of basic training OR specialize training with their dogs. We rescued our Catahoula at the age of 6 mo. While our training started out with basic obedience such as claiming the door, recall, etc., it quickly moved to more specialized training. Ziggy was showing signs of aggression towards other dogs, especially when on leash. We were able to identify that his aggression as fear based and develop strategies to help with different situations. Brad was so committed to making the relationship work. He met me in different environments so that we could trouble shoot different scenarios. Our training went well beyond the realm of basic commands. I never felt like I was a burden and always felt like I had his support. Whether you are a new dog owner or a seasoned one looking for help with a troubled dog, Brad is the trainer you want by your side. Permalink
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Richard M
Richard M Mount Prospect, Illinois | May 19 2017
We contacted Brad because our 11 month old puppy had several disturbing behavioral issues. From the moment Brad entered our home, Buddy's behavior changed. Buddy has stopped barking at everyone and everything, he has stopped jumping on guests and most importantly, he has stopped bolting out open doors. On Brad's second visit, we worked on leash skills and within minutes Buddy was walking upright without pulling or choking himself. We (and our neighbors) could not be more pleased with the progress Buddy has made in such a short time. Hiring Brad to work with us and our baby was one of the best decisions we have made! Permalink
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Erin O Mount Prospect, Illinois | April 19 2017
: Brad was recommended by our Vet to help us with our hound / sheepdog mix that was anxious around new people and displayed fear aggression towards other dogs. During our first meeting with Brad, our dog wouldn't go near him, continued to shy away and was quite fearful of him (as he was with all strangers). Brad observed us interacting with our dog for several hours, made an analysis and give us feedback, and left us with homework that included daily training and permanent modifications on what we should / should not do to improve our family-dog life. About two weeks late, we had the second meeting with Brad and our dog greeted him with confidence. Just two weeks of us making simple modifications to how we communicated with our dog and about 10/15 minutes of training exercises each day completely changed how our dog interacted with people outside of our family. We are still working on how he greets and interacts with dogs on our daily walks and Brad checks in with us from time-to-time to hear about progress and to offer his guidance. Our family gives Brad 5 Stars for his commitment to you and the task at-hand, his dedication to the health and well being of your dog, and his high-quality and knowledgeable instruction techniques. Permalink
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Dean W Palatine, Illinois | April 14 2017
We have a catahoula leopard dog we rescued at the beginning of the year and he would constantly nip, jump on and bother my girlfriend. We contacted Brad late February, he asked questions about the pup that were detailed and he showed sincere interest in helping. He came to the house observed Buckley's behaviors and with his amazing and simple correction methods he taught us, my word i swear he traded our dog in. Buckley listens and learned the corrections. He is mommy's boy now, he will not leave her side. If anyone is in the need of home dog trainer i recommend Brad and his methods. His attitude and professionalism surpasses all other trainers I've contacted. He has great plan prices and stands by his methods, as do we now. We now have a happy, well behaved dog that we are so proud of. Thank you again Brad for everything! Permalink
Tim & Sally S
Tim & Sally S Lake Zurich, Illinois | March 27 2017
My humans are nice people, and they do really love me, but they're just very confused on how to handle dogs. They give me mixed messages, have me lead on walks, or give me attention when I bark at guests. Me and my little brother, Sparky, love them and all... but we needed to get Brad from Bark Busters here so he could properly train them. When Brad first showed up, I did my normal barking routine that my humans had so often encouraged me to do (at least I think they were encouraging me when I bark and they start fussing over me and petting me)... but Brad ignored me. And when he stepped out and back in, and I was about to lead my little brother Sparky in a loud round of barking... Brad sprayed my forehead with a water battle and shouted a loud "Stop" in dog language (it sounds like "Baah" in human speak). I was a little confused at first, but my humans picked it up quickly enough, I'm so proud of them. My humans also needed a lot of training on walks. They would have me lead.. head first right out the door, pulling them along, but then get annoyed when I kept leading the rest of the walk. I'm sure my humans do some things right, but dog-walking is not one of them. Other trainers had tried to teach my humans to walk by bribing me with constant treats the whole way. While that's certainly nice at first, a dignified pup like myself can't be bribed forever. Brad trained my humans to take the lead on the walk, head out the door first, keep me on the left with the leash having flack. Why, he even had to stop 50 times on the short walk in order for them to get it. Most trainers would give up on my humans after 3 or 4 times, and then just try to bribe me with a treat. So now that Brad trained my humans, neither Sparky nor I need to protect them from strange people in our house, or pull them along on walks, or bark loud outside into the night. That Brad fellow was quite a good people-trainer, and he really seems to love us dogs too (he obviously has good taste in which species he hangs out with)... too bad I don't see him much anymore. Some of my other dog friends have their people trainers come for months and even years (which is especially nice because those trainers give us so many treats to be good while they're present). We only saw Brad twice. Oh well, if my humans start getting confused again, Sparky and I will have to get him back over here. Woof woof, Duke and Sparky Permalink
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melody J freeport, Illinois | March 23 2017
Brad came over to help us with Ali's "gate manners" as the minute the doorbell rang she would bark nonstop, jump at door, and then jump on any guest entering our home. Brad quickly showed us how to take over in the situation , which took away Ali's anxiety and in a very short time, we were able to let someone in, in a much more serene way, we are still working with the tools Brad showed us to keep up with this newly learned behavior for us and her...she also is much easier to deal with when letting her out the back door, as she used to try to go through us to go out, and without even working on it she become calmer when I approach my husband as she used to get upset (jealous) and jump between us, now just just sits by and relaxes. Ali is almost 8years old and we haven't had any luck since we got her at 7 months, to calm this behavior until Brad came to our rescue:) Permalink
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Sherry M Spring Grove, Illinois | March 03 2017
I had called Brad to get some advice on how to handle my 14 mo old Goldendoodle who was chewing on items that were not good for his health in the house. Brad was very helpful and making me understand that he has some separation anxiety when we leave everyday for work. Not knowing how to really handle this since I have never had a dog that has this type of problem. I had begun to allow him to have freedom in the house along with my 3 1/2 year old Jack Russell and things were good for small time and then he begun to show problems. After speaking with Brad and making me understand what is happening to him and Bo having a little too much freedom maybe to soon and needs to re earn his freedom again. I need to put him in his kennel and gradually let him out and for him to understand he has learn not to do things in the house. I feel like this has been such a great help and he has calmed down and not as destructive as he had been. He does Jump on people as well as us and we have a spray bottle now I use on him when he does this and all I have to do is pick up the bottle and he knows immediately. :-) He is a great dog and feel like with time and maturity things will be a lot better. Permalink
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Kelly M Grayslake, Illinois | February 13 2017
Brad was very helpful in giving me guidance on housebreaking my adult dog. He gave me fantastic advice on steps to deal with this issue.... and it's working! Brad is very easy to talk to and made sure I understood all of the training steps and answered my questions thoroughly. Thanks Brad! Permalink
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Jessica M Hoffman Estates, Illinois | October 31 2016
Within minutes of walking through our front door, Brad's training had an impact on our 10 month old puppy, Jax! Jax had always lacked manners at the front door, growled and barked at almost anything, and had US trained with his passive ways. Brad spent a significant amount of time educating us, which was a huge help! Once his work with Jax began, it was like we had a new dog all of the sudden! It was amazing to see such a difference in such a short amount of time. We truly appreciate Brad's knowledge & experience and we are excited to keep using everything he taught us to be consistent with training Jax. Bark Busters training WORKS! Permalink
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Jeff R Buffalo Grove, Illinois | September 17 2016
We have two small female beagle mixes that were (to put it mildly) a little unruly and not always obedient. Both are very good dogs, but they were more preoccupied with goofing around with each other than listening to my wife and me. Additionally there were a couple of food aggression incidents that concerned us. Brad did an extensive phone interview with my wife, so he had a good understanding of what was going on before he even came to our house. When he arrived for our session, the training started the minute he stepped inside the house. Izzy and Layla greeted him by jumping on him, and he got them to stop almost immediately. Brad sat with us and took us through the Barkbuster method and thoroughly answered all of our questions. He also educated us on food aggression and "sibling rivalry". Over the next hour, he patiently showed us how to deal with barking and jumping when the doorbell rang, leash manners and other corrective actions. I was amazed at how well the techniques worked and the way both dogs responded to us in such a short amount of time. As Brad told us, the key is to be consistent in the way we handle the dogs, so we now understand that although the techniques work, it is up to us to make certain we don't let Izzy and Layla's new found manners slip away over time. In summary, Brad is an excellent trainer (of both dogs and their humans) and the Bark Busters philosophy, methods and tools seem to work very well - and FAST! Only time will tell whether we've been truly successful, but after only a couple of days we can honestly say we are off to fantastic start thanks to Brad and Bark Busters. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall, Sibling rivalry

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