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July 17 2013

I had consulted with a trainer who used shock collars ... I am so glad I backed out and called Bark Busters Northern Colorado. Idgy doesn't need to be shocked to respond. Carol is very down to earth, easy to understand and patient with me. I have family whose dogs need training... I can't wait for them to see my dog now. They'll be shocked!

Joyce B.
Loveland, Colorado

July 17 2013

Carol answered all our questions and gave great explanations. We have already recommended her to our friends!

Matt & Sonya B.
Loveland, Colorado

July 17 2013

Carol is very patient and is a great teacher to new parents. I truly appreciate all the help and guidance as a new Mom to my large dog!

Tatyana M.
Fort Collins, Colorado

July 16 2013

The training was amazing! Our puppy was easier to handle after the first lesson. I love that Bark Busters uses natural training techniques and corrections.

Amanda S.
Wolvington, Colorado

March 2 2012

Photo of Katie McKie's dog

Carol helped my family at a very difficult time. She was available for advice and did all she could to improve our situation. We are very grateful for what she taught us. Our home is now stable and happy again. Our rescue dog and long time dog went from fighting to cuddling. She is direct and great at what she does! She offers a very structured process and schedule to help fix unwanted behaviors without hurting or shocking the dogs. She helped teach us the right things to do to prevent bad behavior. We are happy with the outcome!

Katie McKie

December 2 2011

Carol will taught us how to be good "pack leaders" which made both us and our dog happy! After just one session we saw a noticeable change in our dog! People now comment on how well behaved our dog is, and what our secret is...it's Bark Busters!

Fort Collins

October 26 2009

Photo of Brenda Yocom's dog

We started getting complaints about our new miniature schnauzer barking while we were not home. We tried many things to no avail, and called Carol at Bark Busters as our last resort.---I cannot believe the change in our dog the first time Carol taught "us" how to be better dog owners. We learned the techniques easily and felt like the "Master" the first time we met with her.---Along with the "barking" issue, we had other training problems that we were not really aware of. (Our dog, Maggie, scored a "C" on the Bark Busters Behavioral Quiz.) Maggie used to charge through every door and run up the stairs in front of us, now she walks calmly behind us. She used to jump up on us, now she waits for us to call her to say hi. She used to bark and jump when someone rang the doorbell, now she waits at a designated spot until called and quietly sits next to me. She used to pull on the leash when we walked her, now she walks calmly at my side on a loose leash. She used to basically sleep with one eye open all night, constantly on the lookout, now she sleeps peacefully all night long. The barking while we are gone has stopped too. Now she is such a well behaved dog, all to Carol's credit.---Our other schnauzer, Molly, is 11 years old and she adapted quickly to our new training methods, YOU CAN TEACH OLD DOG NEW TRICKS, too.---Carol has always followed up quickly on my questions and was willing to come back to our house again to help us. Carol saved our dog from having to leave our loving home. Bark Busters works.

Brenda Yocom
Fort Collins

May 18 2009

I was amazed at the changes in our dogs after just the first session with Carol. We had never been able to enjoy walking the dogs due to constant tugging, but after just one session, we were able to take each of the dogs for a walk past all of the barking neighborhood dogs without any pulling! We couldn't believe how easy it was when Carol taught us the right techniques. Our dogs are also much calmer in the house now and we're so excited about the changes. I tell everyone I know who's struggling with dog training to call Carol!

Cindy Vigil

October 30 2008

Photo of Connie Fredman's dog

Carol and Bark Busters gave my foster dog, Hana, a great opportunity to find her forever home. I jokingly had told the rescue group that the only home Hana could be placed in was with a deaf family with no neighbors. Hana was a demanding dog, barking when things weren't her way, which was most of the time. I have shown dogs in obedience in the past, but Hana's barking was way out of my league. Working with Carol and the Bark Busters techniques, Hana was a completely different dog within two hours and a pleasure to live with. With Hana finally quiet and respectful, it showed the improvements needed in my own dog (who Carol and I are going to work with next week). Hana came with a Bark Busters lifetime guarantee so her new home could pick up where we left off. Within 2 weeks of the Bark Busters training, Hana found her forever home with a man who loves her dearly and is committed to working with Hana and his local Bark Busters trainer. If not for Bark Busters, Hana would still be my foster dog and still looking for the perfect home she now has.

Connie Fredman
Fort Collins

August 4 2008

My husband and I were so frustrated with our three dogs, we considered giving two up for adoption! We were very excited to hear about Bark Busters. Carol came and spent most of a full day working individually with us and each dog. Carol has been back to follow up and we stay in phone contact; she has been a great support to us and the dogs. We could see improvement that same day. We now are in control and not the dogs. We are all much happier. Thank you so much, Carol and Bark Busters!

Jeanie Martinez

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