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Helen H
Helen H Matthews, Mecklenburg, North Carolina | May 22 2019
We were desperate when we came to Christie. We had adopted a 5 year old female boxer who hadn't had any past training and while she was sweet with my husband and I, taking her on a walk was a nightmare. She pulled and acted aggressively towards any other dogs we came across and we soon dreaded taking her for walks when this was one of the very reasons we wanted to get her - to be able to go out and be active and take her places. Over the past couple months with Christie's guidance and training, we have seen Roxy transformed into a different dog. This program teaches YOU how to be the pack leader so that your dog doesn't have to, and can relax and be a content, trusting, and easy-going companion. Christie is truly a dog whisperer. She's also super fun! We have so enjoyed the training sessions when she's been at our house. We recently had guests over at our home who couldn't believe this was the same dog they had met when we first got her. Thank you Christie!!! Permalink
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Haydee C
Haydee C Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina | May 01 2019
I reached out to Christie for help with my rescue pup, Allie, who was very anxious and somewhat reactive. My focus was on greeting guests in my home and other dogs on leash while walking. Christie was wonderful- she very clearly explained my role as the pack leader and gave us exercises to establish and enforce that dynamic. Allie is now at ease, and follows my direction readily! She is no longer growling at noises or people, and greets other dogs more appropriately. We couldn’t be happier!! Permalink
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Kim N
Kim N Indian Trail, North Carolina | December 17 2018
Christie has been a blessing to our family - in just the first visit she easily changed the whole dynamic of our home and gave us real tools to use to get our 10 yr old Mini-Schnauzer and 5 month old Labradoodle under control! Bo had 10 years of barking his little head off under his belt and we stopped that in less than 3 hours! Puppy Maisie is learning so fast, it's a pleasure to work with her using Christie's suggestions - Christie Gets Dog!!! Cant wait to master leash training and get outside with our big brown puppy!!! (Without her going bug-whacky if she sees another dog!:) Thanks Christie, you ROCK! Permalink
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Jim W Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina | October 23 2018
WOW...WOW...WOW! We invited Christie of Bark Busters to work with our 6 year old dog named Sophie. Like Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, Sophie is a sweet dog with people but has always struggled with other dogs becoming Cujo! We would always avoid situations where she would be face to face with other dogs fearing excessive barking or worse. We assumed this was a permanent reality. NOT SO! During our first session Christie keyed in to the reasons for Sophie's aggression and literally changed her behavior...DAY ONE! We are amazed, and very grateful for Christie and her miraculous understanding of Sophie. She taught us things about our pet that we simply never knew. We now have a quieter and more peaceful home...and Sophie seems at peace as well. We HIGHLY recommend Christie! Permalink
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Suzanne B
Suzanne B Waxhaw, North Carolina | July 22 2018
Christie is the “dog whisperer” of Charlotte! I told her after session 1 that I was the happiest woman in Charlotte! I highly recommend her to anyone (even people I don’t know) with a puppy! We have a 5 month old labradoodle and a 3 year old cockapoo and hired her for problems with the puppy (that we knew were growing quickly). If you have a barking puppy, you’re going to have a barking dog. If you have a jumping puppy, you’re going to have a jumping dog. She trains you how to “speak” dog so your dogs listen. The Bark Busters system uses ONLY humane and non-physical techniques. No zapping, beeping or vibrating collars. She taught me on day 1 how to train our puppy to easily go in his kennel and helped us with jumping and barking. We are now working on leash walking - without a harness or choke collar. The results and progress have been amazing. Worth every penny! Permalink
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Jayne C
Jayne C Fort Mill, South Carolina | October 26 2017
We adopted our Border Terrier-Norfolk Terrier mix, Laney, about four years ago. While we were head over heels in love with her, we experienced leash pulling, barking, charging the front door when the doorbell rang, putting her paws up/jumping up on us as well as guests, marking in the house, aggressiveness towards other dogs, and various other dominance traits in Laney. When we would read articles, watch training videos or buy equipment like a harness, gates to gate off areas where she tended to mark, calming collars, etc, we would never achieve the results we needed. With a baby on the way and the realization that her behaviors could get worse when we added a little one to the mix, we decided it was time to call a professional. Christie changed our world in the best way possible. We are able to establish proper, effective training techniques that have not only given us confidence in our everyday lives as pack leaders, but also given us a less stressed and more trusting dog. Additionally, we really appreciated the fact that the training was focused on correction and positive reinforcement without the use of treats, harmful collars, or shock devices. We are thrilled with Laney's progress and are still wondering why we didn't call Bark Busters years ago. Christie, we cannot thank you enough for your patience and hard work with us. Permalink
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Maris W
Maris W Charlotte, North Carolina | September 14 2017
Christie and the Bark Busters method has changed our household! After rescuing Bosco, I began purchasing every collar, toy, and treat I could to try to manage his behavioral issues. After all of the dollars spent on the equipment I was buying didn't work, I reached out to Christie. After 10 minutes in my house, I started to see the dog i'd always known Bosco could be. Christie's patience and knowledge have allowed me to be the owner Bosco needs and I recommend her to the highest degree! Permalink
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Jonathan B Fort Mill, South Carolina | May 02 2017
Christie was amazing. She had assessed the issues we were having with Gus before she even met him! We had tried everything, but nothing seemed to work. Christie gave us the tools and methods to use with Gus, and he is a completely new dog now. We enjoy him so much more now that he knows his place within our pack! Permalink
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Michael F Charlotte, North Carolina | January 11 2017
We are long time dog owners. However, with the passing of our 16 yr old dog, we rescued a 5 month old pit bull mix and a 9 week old boxer lab mix. Yikes. Quickly, we realized that we had no experience with two puppies in the home at the same time. Christie provided great insight and management strategies for becoming the "pack leaders" of the house. After the first few weeks Christie was able to help us correct some problem behaviors: jumping, nipping, resource guarding and not listening. It was the same correction strategy so was easy to remember and incorporate into the training. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Chewing, Jumping up, Puppy management, Sibling rivalry, Toileting
Kathryn B
Kathryn B Davidson, North Carolina | April 30 2016
We had used a couple of other trainers and methods before contacting Christie at Barkbusters. We had taught the dog "tricks" like how to sit and "stay" and we thought we were great! However as our dog grew older it became evident that while he would perform these "tricks" most of the time for a treat there were other issues where he was not obeying us - lunging at other dogs on a leash / people coming to the door etc. Christie has shown us how to become the fulltime leader of our dog. Even after the first visit we noticed the change in our dogs attitude. He is much calmer now, less anxious and therefore happier all round. Thank you Christie. Permalink
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