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July 11 2009

Photo of Jessica's dog

Just what we needed! Connie was a HUGE help to my husband and I in combating several bad habits our dachshund, Bristo, had displayed for several years. She didn't waste a single moment of our time, and just minutes into our training we were actually marveling at the changes in Bristo's behavior. The training methods she teaches can be used in so many valuable ways and we look forward to practicing them at every chance we get. I am so excited to not be fearful of Bristo's reaction to strangers when taking her on walks and when someone knocks on the door! Thank you, Connie!

League City

March 10 2009

Photo of Judy Spring's dog

My husband and I were totally amazed at how quickly Connie had our 3 dachshunds trained to not bark at every little noise. She gave us some very good tips and homework to continue the training process. She came once a week for about 6 weeks for reinforcement and to work on walking the dogs, sit/stay, come, etc. I have been recommending Bark Busters to all my friends.

Judy Spring
League city

January 5 2009

I cannot say enough great things about Connie. She has worked wonders with our dog, Macy. Her techniques are great for fearful dogs. Connie will train at your home, relatives house and even the park. Thank you so much, Connie!!! You have made a huge difference in our lives!

Laura W.

January 9 2007

I was concerned because my dog was completely unfazed by any corrective/disciplinary action I had tried before. I thought he wouldn't "get it", but he did! It is also nice to be able to rely on voice commands only, no treats required. I loved that it was in my home instead of a store with 10 other dogs and the chaos that brings. Connie was very knowledgable and listened well, as well as explained things clearly. Very effective!

Lori B.
Houston, TX

January 9 2007

Noticeable results? Most definitely!! Very enjoyable training session--Connie gave us both a really good workout and that was lots of fun. Chewey responds very well to the verbal correction. I like the "no treats necessary" approach. Everthing we did was very specific to our situation and needs. Chewey and I look forward to Connie's visit. She makes it fun!

Laura Hooker
Houston, TX

January 5 2007

Remarkable! We were very surprised by how quickly Shadow responded. He seemed relieved to no longer have to be the boss. Connie is a wonderful teacher and very "into" this work.

Ginger D.
Houston, TX

January 5 2007

We were amazed! Communicating with the pups on their level really makes all the difference. It was not only a great learning experience, but also a miracle. Bella and Sedona, our incessant barkers, are now quiet and mannerly. We would recommend Bark Busters to anyone who has trouble with their dogs.

James Saunders
Pearland, TX

January 5 2007

We were VERY impressed with Connie's work. By the time Connie left, Jake (14 wks) was doing sit, stay and down with just a voice command and praise. The training was very interesting and enjoyable. Connie is definitely an asset to your company. With her help, we hope to make Jake a therapy dog.

Lori G.
Houston, TX

January 5 2007

We were amazed! I didn't think Winston would respond, but he did. This is the most wonderful program--I learned so much about Winston and just dogs in general. Connie is great--very calm and truly loves our dog.

Melissa C.
Houston, TX

January 5 2007

Extremely noticeable results! And it was all done without treats. I was getting frustrated with my dog. After one visit from Connie, his behavior completely turned around. The training techniques are so simple, but were SO effective with my dog. I am a very happy customer! I told Connie she is like the "super-nanny" of dogs. I am already telling my relatives, my co-workers and my friends. It is the most amazing thing I have ever seen!

Donna G.
Houston, TX

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