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April 5 2011

Photo of Frankie, Stacy & Roscoe :)'s dog

My wife and I are planning on starting a American Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescue and have been fostering Am-Staff and other breeds for sometime now. We recently just have had the pleasure of fostering another little Am-Staff and his name is Roscoe! He is such a good little guy but had a couple of issues that we were not sure on how to go about helping to correct. We knew he was smart and could be very trainable with the right teacher. My wife attends Pima medical and is obtaining her Vet-Tech degree while doing so she got given a gift certificate for Bark Busters, the best thing that could have happened to us, really! So we called and talked to Connie and set up a time to that suited all of us best for her to come over to our home and start working with Roscoe. Connie was so nice and professional on the phone and made us feel so good about starting this whole process with training our new little guy that we could not wait for her to get here. Connie came to our home and started to work her magic right away and my wife and I were absolutely pleased and shocked that Roscoe took to her and her techniques so fast, and that made us very very happy and became even more optimistic about this whole process. Connie is so professional and so so sweet, she made us feel very comfortable. Connie did a superb job explaining everything that she was and will do to help us with the issues that were having, she was willing to stay as long as she needed to make sure we were all comfortable with everything. She also left us with a written regimen to follow and a bunch of other suggestions, very cool! So its been almost a week and we are happy to announce that the few issues we were having with Roscoe have been corrected and he is doing so very well with it all. My wife and I were expecting results but not this quick! Awesome!!! The techniques that Bark Busters use are absolutely superb and work so well that I recommend them to anybody that needs training on any level. We are forever grateful and so so pleased we made that call and had Connie come over. We are Bark Busters Clients for life!! Thank you Connie you are the best and you truly are a pro at what you do! Thank you very very very much!!

Frankie, Stacy & Roscoe :)

January 23 2010

Photo of Pearl Menashe's dog

Connie DuBois is truly the best trainer we've ever had. I highly recommend her to anyone who has any dog issues. I wish I had found her when my Bella was a puppy, but we have her now and that is the main thing. Connie is the kindest, most patient and caring trainer I've ever met. She is truly a genuine person and so down to earth. We love you Connie! Connie has taught us so much. In just the first day we saw an improvement in Bella. All I want is for Bella to have a healthy and happy life. With the tools Connie has given us she will have a better life and we will have greater peace of mind. Connie is our dog whisper (better). I can't say enough positive things about Connie. I never thought in a million years Bella would ever walk beside me on a loose leash, but to my surprise the day has come. I am thrilled beyond belief and it only took a few practice sessions for Bella to master walking beside me. Connie you are an angel! I can't thank you enough and we are so blessed to have found you. Connie is the Best!!! We love her. She really knows what she is talking about and is so good at her job. You can tell she loves and believes in what she is doing. We have used the services of several other dog trainers who were good, but Connie is by far the best trainer I have seen to date. She is a keeper!!

Pearl Menashe

April 18 2009

Photo of Bobbi L's dog

From the moment Connie entered our house I knew, not only would our dogs respond well, but we (the humans) would be retrained. I trained my previous dogs with good results, but found that our cairn terriers needed more training than I was able to give. Jazz is three and Eddie is two. Both dogs are doing well with the training. Connie has been great and the Bark Busters techniques are amazing. We (the humans) continue with our training too.

Bobbi L

October 8 2007

It was exciting to see such great results so fast. The training is very effective and quick; easy to stick to and makes sense.

Judy H.

October 8 2007

Both dogs responded immediately. The best news is that they retain the previous commands and keep getting smarter every day.

Chris H.

October 8 2007

The training is almost TOO simple!

Denise N.

October 8 2007

Connie was very good at explaining the program. My dog responded immediately. it's easy and quick. Great program!

Karen C.

October 8 2007

I was amazed at the difference; the dogs really understand what I was communicating. It was great; it made me think in a different way and the dogs finally understood me. Many people could really be much happier if they understood how to communicate. I was worried that the dogs would have their feelings hurt but they had fun and I believe that that was what they had been waiting for - a way to communicate and do what they should.

Jen R.

October 8 2007

It was remarkable the difference in behavior. I would highly recommend Connie & Bark Busters to anyone who is encountering behavior issues or desires training for their favorite companion. My husband & I are in awe after less than one week there is marked positive behavior changes in our two dachshunds.

Donna B.

October 8 2007

Noticeable results in all areas of concern. I like the theory behind Bark Busters and the reward with voice instead of food. I think you see faster results.

Karen A.

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