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H H Denver, Colorado | February 12 2018
It is absolutely amazing the rapidity with which this training begins to make a difference. After our initial meeting with Dan I was well equipped with the proper knowledge of how to communicate better with my 2 young dogs (8mo/ 2yrs). It is truly impressive. In a matter of 1 day my wonderful but very energetic, noisy, chaos inducing dogs were calmer, quieter, more attentive and clearly happier and more at ease. Every day it keeps getting better! Dan really knows dogs and how to communicate with them in their way of understanding. He taught me how to relate to them and train them in ways that are both easy to understand and to replicate. He has also been very responsive when I have reached out to him for help with questions and concerns. I have zero regrets about going to BB for guidance and training. Truly amazing. Thanks, Dan! I can't wait to see what a whole year brings! Permalink
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Regina W Englewood, Colorado | January 27 2018
Dan is UNREAL.......in the best way possible. I was referred to him via vet office and sent in a request for his help. In less than 10 minutes he said his team would be in touch. His team was IMMEDIATELY in touch and gave me a VERY solid outline about what his method can and cannot do. Upon arrival my dog was in a bedroom due to human aggression. We sat at the table and he made me feel relaxed and more importantly said you aren't alone. After a full outline of how the technique works (hang in there because at first it is odd to a human to learn to speak like a dog) we started by doing some door exercises and WOW. Within minutes my dog was walking around the house with ZERO interest or aggression towards Dan. I was in complete disbelief. We continued with a few more practice exercises and after a total of about 15 minutes of actual training Gonzo was falling asleep standing up. He even went over to Dan to engage and that has NEVER happened before as I could only have people over with Gonzo in a bedroom. You have changed our lives Dan. Thanks to you we can now live a full and happy life with our family and friends. We PROMISE to practice (that is key here for those reading as Dan trains you and you train your dog) and excited to do some leash work when we are ready. PLEASE call Dan with any challenges you face with you dog. You will be VERY happy you did. Permalink
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diane D denver, Colorado | January 18 2018
I've recently started the program with Dan and already seeing a difference in my dogs. Dan was able to explain the training to me in ways that I understood. I realize now how much I didn't know about dogs and the pack mentality they live with. I'm excited to watch the changes that will actually make my dogs happier. (along with me!). I'd recommend this training to anyone as it is a very humane and loving way to train dogs. It was also more affordable then the other programs I looked into, which I appreciate, especially with two dogs. Bark busters was a good choice for us. Permalink
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Sue W Elizabeth, Colorado | January 11 2018
Dan was the most incredible trainer I have ever seen. He completely transformed our household. We took in two dogs we weren't expecting to get. One was a Weimaraner and the other 120 pound Lab. We already had two cats and a Chihuahua. We put baby gates everywhere, kept everyone separated, still had the new dogs trying to attack the cats and keeping us up all night. After one visit from Dan it was an entirely different house. His first visit was three hours and he COMPLETELY changed the dogs' behavior. It was amazing. I honestly don't know what we would have done without him. I highly recommend Dan. He knows what he's doing and you can tell he loves animals. I am so glad we found him. Permalink
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Noah B Littleton, Colorado | January 05 2018
Dan is great! After our first session we had immediate improvement. With four dogs and some sibling rivalry we had some concerns and Dan helped show us how to be the leader of our pack. We are excited to have happy, healthy, and well behaved dogs in our home, when guests come over, and on the trail. Permalink
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Nancy B Littleton, Colorado | January 04 2018
I honestly did not think I'd see any change in my uber high-energy 11-month-old, especially after only one visit from Dan! Much to my surprise and overwhelming joy, our puppy and her siblings...there are four total in our home...responded beautifully to Dan's technique and recommendations! My husband and I are eager to maintain what we learned today and are so grateful to have hired Dan! Permalink
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Barry M Aurora, Colorado | January 04 2018
I can't say enough great things about Bark Busters and about Dan. That he clearly loves dogs makes a really big difference, but it's obvious, too, that he loves helping us to become better pack leaders. The techniques are natural and easy to follow and the changes are immediate and lasting. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Chewing, Digging, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety, Sibling rivalry
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Walter G Denver, Colorado | December 13 2017
Dan was referred to me not by someone who he worked with just from someone he met. The person who sent him my way was very impressed at his love for doing what is right for your pet. My pooch Mia is aggressive and has tried to bite people and a few dogs.......I was skeptical as other trainers were a bit hesitant to work with us. One even told me that she may need to be put down. Dan not only made me feel like he was capable but made me understand that if he couldn't fix this he would let us know ASAP. So......he arrives and spend time getting to know us and what we think and feel about not only Mia but pets in general. Wow.....refreshing. From there he had us put Mia away so we could practice our technique on him. Yes the method at first seemed a bit odd but TRUST ME......it works!! Within 3 minutes of training Mia while she was in our bedroom she was welcomed out of the door to nothing but calm submissive behavior. She not only focused only on us but didn't even care that Dan was in the house. We thought that wouldn't continue....surely she would have a moment. But no. The more we worked with her my wife and I realized Mia was quickly starting to look exhausted and only got more calm as the minutes went on. Cut to 15 minutes later and Mia is sleeping next to Dan on the couch. We were AMAZED. Dan, so many thanks for taking us on. We promise to do what is required to make Mia a happier and healthier dog and of course will call you with any and all questions. I HIGHLY recommend Dan to work with any dog in Denver and anywhere else he trains. You won't be disappointed with the results and most importantly will enjoy working with Dan every step of the way. Permalink
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Scott S Denverf, Colorado | November 30 2017
Through Dan's expert guidance, we made the leap to speaking dog. It took us less than 2 days to put an end to bad behaviors we have struggled with for years. Our dog now understands us. She is much more happy and so are we. After that initial success, we have moved on to other areas of training again with great results. I highly recommend Dan. Permalink
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Katie E Englewood, Colorado | November 30 2017
We had our first training session with Dan a little over a week ago. He is absolutely amazing!! Our dogs were acting different almost immediately! It's clear that he LOVES dogs; it shows through his work. He comes to your house and does the training there, and rather than just teaching your dog commands, he teaches you how to train them. I was having issues in the car with my mastiff mix reacting to every little thing that moved. He would freak out and bark like crazy but not anymore!! After 1 session with Dan (and doing our homework), he now sits calmly while we drive, no matter what's happening outside! Seriously AMAZING! Thank you Dan! Can't wait for our next session! Permalink
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