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Abby B Englewood, Colorado | February 26 2020
We have never been happier since Dan has been working with us and our terrier mix and cattle/pointer mix. There are basic fundamentals that he is teaching us and we are now implementing. First session, immediate results and we've only seen more improvements the more we are consistent and keep up the basics Dan has taught us. If we slip, the dogs will, so we just remember "what would Dan do" and we are back in the swing of it. Bad behaviors have been corrected, there's a lot more calmness and the manners are impressing everyone and giving us peace of mind. Overall, hands down we would, and have recommended Dan to everyone that has a dog and wants a better life for their dog and a more relaxed household. Permalink
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Jackie D Parker, Colorado | February 26 2020
Dan Gusmerotti with Bark Busters Southeast was amazing and we would highly recommend him. He has a great knowledge of how a dog thinks, is very responsive and has great communication. I would consider ourselves pretty experienced dog owners but have always raised our dogs from puppies. This time we decided to go with a rescue and adopted a 3 year old Australian cattle dog mix. We instantly feel in love with him and when we brought him home he was amazingly sweet with us but quickly learned that he was not so welcoming with outsiders coming into our home and he would lunge and would bite if we let anyone get near him. We tried several things on our own hoping to help him but after a very stressful Christmas day decided we were out of our depth with him. We didn't want to give up on him as we were already "in love" with him and knew he would stand little chance of every being adopted if we had to return him as a "bite risk". I contacted Dan who was already scheduled to come to our home on January 4th but because I was so worried he pushed that up and came to visit us on New Year's Eve with encouraging words that he could help Taz and our situation hopefully within the first visit. I was very sceptical that we would notice any significant change that quickly but I was wrong! Dan spent about 3 hours working with us and Taz and what a difference.! He taught us how to be the pack leaders (even though we already thought we were) and take the stress of situations off Taz's shoulders and back on us. I would have to say Taz already knew how to be a dog we just needed to be trained how to think like a dog and be effective pack leaders. We have had no aggression issues since his first visit and we are so grateful for Dan and his training techniques. He just recently came back to our home to do leash work with us and again within an hour or less Taz was walking better than ever on a leash and not reacting to the things he normally would have. If you are willing to do the homework this is an amazing program and well worth it in my opinion Permalink
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Kate D Denver, Colorado | February 03 2020
Dan is wonderful! His knowledge about dog/puppy training is impressive and he does a great job at helping teach you all the tricks of the trade. If you actually stick with the plan and follow his instructions and methods, your dog will be a gem! Dan is easy to work with and extremely kind and accommodating! If you want an amazing dog, you need an amazing trainer! Look no further. Permalink
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Kelli H Denver, Colorado | January 21 2020
My husband and I are so pleased with the results of Dan's training! We have a very energetic and distractible 8 month old Golden Retriever, and Dan has given us the tools to ensure that our pup behaves attentively and calmly around us and strangers, all without having to use treats! She's so much more of a joy to be around now that we're able to communicate effectively with her. Dan is always on-time and prepared for sessions and communicates promptly with us. We would highly recommend using Dan and Barkbusters for any training needs! Permalink
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Susan W Centennial, Colorado | December 31 2019
We can't recommend Dan highly enough! We adopted a large, anxious, energetic, destructive pooch that meant well but just didn't know or follow "the rules". He kept us awake at night and was difficult to control while walking outside, especially around other dogs or wildlife. It turns out we needed help to clarify those rules and needed some training ourselves. Beginning with our first meeting, Dan has been punctual and communicative. It was immediately clear that Dan is knowledgeable and caring when it comes to furry friends and humans alike. Dan spent plenty of time with all of us to understand the household and personalities. He explained to us the way dogs think and communicate, so that we were set up for success. Dan worked with our guy for just a few minutes and quickly got him into the relaxed "green zone". It was an impressive and promising transformation to witness, especially outdoors with so many distractions. Dan provided us written material and instructions to refer to, which I appreciate. He ensured we had ample hands-on practice during our session so that we could properly perform our daily homework. Commitment and consistency is key. We are two sessions in, and our guy has been more calm and attentive than I thought would be possible. It's so nice to walk the dog instead of him walking me. I no longer have to avoid the neighbors on our walks. Dan has been very responsive to our updates and any questions or concerns we have. Dan's detailed guidance has quickly resulted in a harmonious household with a well-behaved dog, and is so very worth the investment! We are so thankful! Permalink
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Sarah W Denver, Colorado | December 20 2019
We were seeing great improvement on our fur baby after just 1 lesson! Dan is a great trainer that cares about us and our fur baby. His method focuses on teaching us humans what and how to do our job to create a relaxing environment for the pup - how to be a good pack leader. Dan does understand how dogs naturally think and I think that is really precious. I like how Dan emphasizes "Hands are for loving, not for punishment". Before I asked for Dan's help, I had heard all kinds of training methods: "Positive training, always", "Use both reward and punishment training", blah blah blah, I am sure you have heard about them too. However, what made me choose Dan was "you need to think like a dog", surely, reward works, but what if one day you run out of treats when you need them? Last but not least, I would recommend Dan to be your trainer because he responds quickly and always has my back with any dog related support. Permalink
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Anh W Aurora, Colorado | December 10 2019
Dan was absolutely fantastic! The training and curriculum are so natural to him and my Macy can clearly sense the control. She was a different puppy after Dan and I was a different dog owner. The initial cost might seem steep for some people but the unlimited training sessions within a year and unconditional support from Dan were worth it. It was the best investment I could have made with Macy. Prior to meeting Dan, Macy was a German Shepherd with separation anxiety and high prey drive. The level of focused training Macy got from Dan was impressive. It started with in-home training sessions followed by checkups and homework assignments for both the pup and human. I couldn't be happier with the results. Macy behaves perfectly on the leash now. She is always responsive to commands even when there are distractions. Thank you, Dan, for training Macy which allows me to enjoy her so much more. Permalink
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Chris E Aurora, Colorado | December 09 2019
I have a pitbull mix called Pumpkin and had Dan come work with me. The background information regarding the thought process and behavior of dogs was clearly presented. It led beautifully into guidance on effectively responding to her. After one session, I've already seen MASSIVE changes in her behavior. I can see how continued focus on my part will lead to positive changes. Thanks Dan! Permalink
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Samantha D Castle Pines, Colorado | December 06 2019
Daniel Gusmerotti is wonderful. We were struggling with our two English bull dogs who were fighting constantly. In 2 hours he turned a chaotic household into peace. We are now the pack leaders, our dogs do not fight anymore, even better , they LISTEN to commands, and are calm and peaceful. I highly recommend Dan, he provides life long tips on creating a good bond with dogs, tools to easily implement that work. Can't thank him enough for restoring peace in our house! Permalink
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Mike H Denver, Colorado | December 05 2019
What can I say, Dan is a dog's savior. I rescued an Aussie Shepherd who had clearly been abused. I wanted to provide him the safety and love that he missed in his past life. Though I had some successes with him trusting me more, he started to develop aggression towards other dogs on the walk, and barking and lunging at guests at the front door. I could see in his face he wanted to be good, he just looked so scared all the time. So, I paid $3k for a dog training boot camp. However, they kicked him out the first day because he bit a trainer really bad. The trainer had to get stitches, and recommended I give him away or have him put down! Out of the question... Luckily, they gave me back some of my money. When I got Gus back, he was worse than before, and he would sit there and shake for no reason. I was about to make a tough decision when a friend of my dad's told me about Bark Busters and how they did an amazing job on his Golden. I decided to give it a shot and reached out to Dan. Over the phone he was able to give me the confidence that I needed to hear that we could fix Gus's issues. I was still skeptical because of the past experiences, though. When Dan came over he spent some time explaining his training and how it works, and explained how the other training was likely very physical. That's what likely led to the attack and the worsening of his fearfulness. Dan doesn't use shock collars, prong collars, or treats. He didn't even touch Gus the whole time. After the intro, he started to show us how to do the training. Sooo different than I could have imagined. I couldn't believe how well my dog was responding! We worked on the front door first. After only a few minutes, I had full control over Gus, and I could feel his tension dropping. We did some other exercises in the home to reduce Gus's obsession with going after anything that moves. Then headed outside. I was definitely worried now because I hadn't been walking Gus in the evenings, rather waiting until dark with less people. We saw, and walked by, 2 big dogs and Gus didn't even pay attention to them! I was completely blown away. I know that a lot of the responsibility falls on me as the pack leader to continue the leadership exercises, but this boost in confidence and the immediate results have definitely energized me. I can't thank Dan enough. He literally saved my dog's life, and he's offered his support if anything happens again in the future. Amazing!! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Chewing, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety

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