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May 7 2010

David Wiley is a great trainer. He is great with dogs and their owners, and it was a GREAT experience!

Shellee Kaimakis

May 7 2010

We are very pleased with David's work. He is very patient and understanding. He is willing to answer any questions related to our Shiba Inu. Yoshi has improved 99.9%, and now things will only get better with David's training. We would absolutely recommend him to our neighbors!

Shinji & Khristie Haruna

April 28 2010

The relationship between me and my trainer is outstanding. David was very patient with me, as I needed him to repeat the techniques several times. I did see results during his first visit, and the challenge now is to move forward to gain and maintain consistency. Some of my questions were myths dispelled, which is so important for me to know. Excellent communication and customer service.

Debra M.

April 28 2010

David was very helpful with our shih tzu, and he took a lot of time with us. We saw a big change in our dog's barking and walking on leash. Having it explained and showed really made a difference. David has been a very big help, and I have already recommended Bark Busters to friends and family!

Anita L.

April 28 2010

Amazing! I was so struck and amazed at the results...my dogs actually trusted me by the end of the training! I explained up front that I needed simple instructions to follow through on daily training, and David delivered 110%. I was very pleased with the approach-dogs need structure and guidance. They now feel more secure. I will recommend David to all my dog-owner friends.

Kim B.

April 14 2010

My dogs were driving me crazy. Their behavior was out of control, and something had to be done. I asked a friend who works at a local vet's office, and she suggested Bark Busters. My local trainer is David Wiley. David called after I submitted my dog's behavior quiz on the Bark Buster Web site, and we briefly discussed the Bark Busters philosophy and the specific problems we were seeing at my home. David would come to my house and work with us for 2-3 hours the first day. After that, for as long as my dog is alive (regardless of who owns him), I can call and have free follow-up visits to work on new problems, to fine-tune my skills, etc. The price seemed steep, but I knew from experience that going to a class didn't work for my schedule or for my younger dog who is afraid of the big dogs in obedience classes. Plus, the one-on-one training model seemed like a good way to go. David showed up and rang the doorbell. Well, he got to see my dogs in action as they went nuts barking at the intruder at the door. Two hours later, they didn't even get out of their beds when the doorbell rang. A miracle? Maybe. Without giving away the whole Bark Buster model, the basic idea is that dogs behave badly when they have no clear leader. If the people in the house behave like leaders, the dogs will become more submissive and will obey. Makes sense. The key here is learning how to think like a dog and to use vocals and body language that convey authority to the dog. Well, it feels silly to do, but it works. David was a VERY patient teacher. He frequently had to explain things over and over in a way that we could all understand (myself, my husband, and my mother were involved). David clearly tailored the training to suit our dogs (one is very nervous and needed a slower, gentler pace), and he also tailored the training to suit each of the humans, too. He also followed up a few weeks later to see how things are going, which I appreciated. He made it very clear that we should never need to "make" our dogs do anything. If they respect us and consider us to be the pack leaders, then they will do what we ask simply because we are in charge. This has put both dogs at ease. Their spirits aren't broken, their personalities haven't changed-they just freak out less and instead look to the humans to handle the situation. I cannot say enough good things about Bark Busters and David Wiley. I am very pleased with the training we received so far, and I am amazed that I lived with my dogs for 6 years as they were before this training. I'm proud to not have the neighborhood "bad dog" title any longer, and I have David to thank for that.

Jodi K.

March 25 2010

If you've met our hyper, crazy, yappy little Kimchee before, you won't believe how calm and docile she'll be the next time you meet her. She got trained by Bark Busters, and she's a different dog! I can't believe it. It was an awesome dog training session with David Wiley. I have never seen my little Kimchee so well-behaved.

Lorna Y.

March 6 2010

My spouse and family were highly impressed with the improvement in my two dogs' behavior. David did a great job explaining techniques and demonstrating, which validated some things for me and taught me new tricks to work on. It absolutely worked with my ADHD dog, and I'm already telling friends and family!

Peggy D.

August 28 2009

David truly has a gift for training dogs and more importantly, their owners. He is a real pro-I love the follow-up training instructions that he so patiently and neatly writes at the end of each session. They are so helpful, and I review them often. David has always responded promptly to my emails and calls and if something wasn't working, he always had a plan B (or C or D in my case)! I wish I had started working with him immediately after getting my rescue dog instead of waiting 6 months, but better late than never. Thanks David!

Jane Cunningham

June 16 2009

David did a great job explaining canine behavior and Wally has absolutely gained more respect for us. The techniques are amazing and really work. David was very professional and confident, and I have already recommended Bark Busters!

John & Mimi R

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