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Dave D
Dave D Portland, Oregon | July 31 2021
Dick obviously knew what he was doing from the moment we started. He trained us on how to train our dogs. We now walk our dogs with ease, set our own schedule (instead of scheduling around them!), and they are not jumping on us or our friends. Whatever dog problems we have he has the answer for, we recommend him highly!! Permalink
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Aubre W
Aubre W West Linn, Clackamas, Oregon | January 19 2021
I cannot say enough great things about experience with Dick and his training our puppy Duke. He was thorough, sincere and easy to follow. We learned so much in those couple of hours, I am amazed at Duke's progress already. We decided to include our 9 year old in the training and Dick was patient and kind, and so easy to work with. My daughter is doing such a great job, and we can only thank Dick for that. Dick helped us come up with a plan on how to proceed with our puppy and we're excited to complete our daily trainings with Duke as he gets better with every day. Permalink
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Trainer note from Dick : Aubre, Jason and Selah are ALL-IN with training their 3 month old chocolate lab puppy. They caught on quickly and are resolved to do their part to work with Duke. A total pleasure working with their whole family. Enjoy your new dog Wesslings! :-)
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CJ and Brittany S Sherwood, Oregon | September 06 2020
Mr Messenger was a very intelligent and professional trainer - but still very personable. He showed the perfect combination of firm and care. With the few things I worried about (ie. greeting Boomer as soon as I return from work), he was able to explain the reasoning behind the preferred actions. I was very pleased with the immediate progress and am excited for future sessions to see what they produce. C.J. Smith. Permalink
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Lauren M
Lauren M Tigard, Washington, Oregon | August 13 2020
We have a 4 month old Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppy who was suffering from some separation anxiety and nipping at our 4 year old son. We called Dick very desperate for some help. Before Dick even came to our house or met our family, he offered us some tools over the phone. He was very compassionate and willing to help with our sleepless nights we were suffering due to our anxious little puppy! After the first session with Dick we already noticed some positive changes in Major's behavior. He was more confident and within 24 hours had completely stopped nipping at our son. He also stopped chewing on all of our shoes/furniture/clothes/etc. He is now walking on a leash better than some more mature dogs we know and he is listening better too! Dick changed the way we communicate with our dog and restored order back into our household! One thing we really appreciated is he spends time training you instead of your dog. He gives you the tools to be successful even after your sessions are over. We are looking forward to watching our puppy grow up into a well behaved, loving and fun pet - thanks to Dick! Permalink
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Doug & Candy F
Doug & Candy F West Linn, Oregon | July 07 2020
The positive impact of the training started to show immediately! it was about 4 days before we saw any testing by Billy. There are challenging days, but there is a real underlying change in his behavior that is really great for us and for Billy. The training Dick provides really works! Permalink
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Brad F
Brad F Tigard, Washington, Oregon | March 13 2020
Dick was a great trainer! His professionalism and commitment to our dog, Benji, was a key component of Benji’s success. We rescued Benji from a meat farm in Korea and he has needed a lot of socialization. We have made tremendous progress in just a few weeks with Dick’s training! We can’t wait to keep working with him and help Benji continue to grow. Permalink
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Marlene F King City, Oregon | February 20 2020
Oh My Gosh what a change in my puppy. When Dick started with us our little 15# 8/month old Bear was totally out of control: barking, jumping up on everyone and everything, chewing up whatever he could get in his mouth, digging and nipping at us for attention and never standing still long enough to catch him. Now, 4 weeks later he is a different puppy. He walks/heels on leash, has stopped aggrrssive behavior toward us, obeys commands to stop jumping up and barking. Dick Messenger is such a good trainer and Bear is progressing better than any of us could imagine. I highly recommend that you give him a call. Permalink
Cindy O
Cindy O Beaverton,, Oregon | December 17 2019
Were were having control issues with our 18 mo old yellow lab. He had major surgery at 9 mos & could do nothing for 6 mos. He forgot all his puppy training and was a 72 lb difficult to control big baby. Dick came to the rescue & trained us to train him. It is a big commitment but it also has big payoffs. You have to be willing to train your dog for 20 min every day. Dick was a huge help to us & is still available to help whenever we need him. I highly recommend Bark Busters & especially Dick, he was wonderful. Permalink
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Amanda D
Amanda D Portland, Multnomah, Oregon | December 05 2019
After our 13 year old female died, our 2 year old male started showing signs of aggression. Walks became volatile and nerve wracking and I knew we needed help. Dick came to our house and taught us what to do. I loved this technique because he had us do everything. He never touched our dog or the leash, he simply taught us what to do. The results were immediate. We had no idea how many subtle things we were doing that sent the wrong message to our dog. Dick gave us clear instructions and explained everything he asked us to do. Consistency is key, change can be challenging, but it's SO WORTH IT. We're just beginning this process but the change is already significant. Our dog is happy and calm, our walks are lovely outings, better than ever, and we owe it all to Dick Messenger. Permalink
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Annie C
Annie C Portland, Multnomah, Oregon | September 04 2019
Having trouble training your dog? I assure you that Dick Messenger has the answers you've been wanting and looking for. Dick Messenger's professionalism and experience was evident from the moment he greeted our 4-month old chocolate lab puppy Mora and us. His light-hearted and humorous approach made us feel at ease in knowing that we were not alone with the challenges we were facing while raising a puppy, and most importantly, that they are trainable behaviors. When we first got our puppy we had enrolled in a group Puppy 101 class at a local facility and found ourselves in an overcrowded room with a training that was extremely subpar, at that point, we knew we had to find a better alternative. We are so pleased that we found Dick as a dog trainer and made the commitment to Bark Busters, it started with a thorough phone call with him in preparation for an incredible training session in person, since then, we have seen profound progress in our puppy and can confidently say that the value is there, especially considering that this Dick's support and Bark Busters commitment to our dog's success stays with her for the rest of her life. From our experience we highly recommend Dick Messenger to anyone looking for the magic answer on how to best train a dog, we have already spread the word to our friends and family! It's a game changer, what are you waiting for? Permalink
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