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June 26 2009

The training techniques made perfect sense and reinforced things we know but were not doing. Buck was much improved by the end of the session. We had fun practicing the techniques and Buck loved it. Dick had his hands full keeping control of his human students. He was very patient and professional the entire visit. We have friends that could use this too!

Linda and Dwayne Duling
Forest Grove

June 19 2009

I observed remarkable changes even in the first week! Numerous friends and family members were telling me what a great dog Kiri's become, almost immediately. I've already recommended Bark Busters to friends and family.

Kelsey Herb

June 12 2009

I treat dogs like kids or babies. I now understand that does them more of a disservice than treating them like dogs. My dog heeled instead of pulling within 2 minutes! I was unwilling to do any program which hurt the dogs, and this doesn't hurt them but still gets results.

Emily Coats and Katie Hatrock

June 4 2009

I was very surprised at how quickly Buddy took to the techniques. It was very informative but we had a lot of laughs along the way. To everyone that has a dog, everyone could learn a thing or two from Bark Busters.

Tracy Frendahl

May 29 2009

I wouldn't call Dick a therapist but rather a very good teacher/instructor. He spoke clearly and concisely at all times, backing up his statements with examples. Even with a 12 week old dog the first results were amazing. The more work we put into working with 'Rudy', the better he gets but still has a ways to go.

Robert and Barbara Henarie

May 29 2009

The directions were very clear and easy to understand and the results were very noticeable. Our dog took to the training very quickly. The techniques were much more effective and less stressful on our dog than past training we have used. Definitely effective and worth the cost to have a happy and well trained dog!

Dan and Elicia Pierson

May 27 2009

Excellent. Great Results - Even after the first session and it continues. Very pleased.

Rose and Chuck Colett

May 27 2009

There was a lot of information to digest at our first appointment but we noticed several improvements directly after. The training techniques seemed very logical and although at times difficult to implement, they proved worthwhile. It was very interesting to see how 'Charlie' responded and it was fun for us as a family to see his improvements. We were apprehensive at first because of the cost, but it is bringing us a lot of peace when it comes to our dog and how we respond to him.

Amy Schnell

May 27 2009

Easy for the owners to follow and helpful to our dog. Terrific!!

Marcia and Howard Fisher

May 26 2009

The flip chart was laid out well and easy to understand. I think the 2 hours of attention and sudden submission acted as a bit of a 're-set' for Zuri. I learned some new things as well as being able to see the big picture. I think learning the 'whys' gave me a fresh start and a better understanding of what my dog needs from me.

Darci and Kirk Vandenhoek

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