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May 21 2009

Dick is very clear and concise with his training instructions. Riley was a quick learner and did very well. The Bark Busters training program is a very effective and humane training program. I felt rewarded each time Riley did what I asked of him. This has been a very effective and rewarding training program. Thanks so much to Dick for his guidance and help. He's great!

Susan Dixon

May 21 2009

Giving the reasoning behind requests to dogs was very helpful. By the end of the first training session, the dogs' behavior had improved. The instructor was good at giving positive feedback and support.

Dawn and Oliver Hall

May 19 2009

It was great to get a better understanding of how my dog's mind functions - and that helped me to improve the way I was approaching the technique. I noticed a more submissive body language and she was much more willing to come and focus on me. I agree with the negative/positive circle that it can't be all negative/all positive, it's a good balance. I found the training experience to be interesting and enjoyable and it seemed to be fun for her too. Dick really relieved me and my husband from stress related to not knowing whether or not she could change and be helped. Thank you!

Lynsee and Tyler Combs

May 15 2009

Throughout the training exercises, Dick's positive reinforcements and corrections (for us humans!!) was very supportive. Yes! After the very first training exercise we could see the difference in Ritter. Seeing results so quickly makes it very reaffirming and gives greater patience when it's needed. I already have recommended Dick to our friends. Thank you - We look forward to a long happy relationship with Ritter!!

Shelley and Todd Thomas

May 15 2009

Dick was very easy to follow and explained a lot of reasons we were having problems and how to solve our specific problems. Howie is very young (5 months) and distracts easily, but it was still an amazing change in our young dog. I really like that we didn't need to use treats or clickers to train with. The information on pack law is very interesting and explains a lot of Howie's behaviors. We tell all the dog owners we know about our experience.

Paula and Jeremy Taylor

May 11 2009

I was at the end of my rope with my purebred Havanese, Bandit. Ready to return him to the breeder, I decided to contact Bark Busters and give it one more shot at getting the dog I've always wanted. Not only was it worth EVERY penny, but I would recommend this training to anyone with a dog. My dog and I love each other again. He's happy. I'm happy. It's only been 3 days and we're working hard together, but I don't think either one of us sees it as "work." I am so proud to show off Bandit's new skills, and look forward to introducing him to new tricks!! Thank you so much Dick! You were hilarious, professional and wonderful to work with!

Angela Hoffman

May 5 2009

Dick was very professional and knew the material well. We observed noticeable results by the end of the first session but saw even better results after a few days. I liked the collars a lot and I would not have used them if they were not pain free. I've already recommended Dick. It was great communication and feedback and he answered our questions.

Sandra and Rony Lucas

May 5 2009

We were amazed. Dick said from that moment on, we were the boss, and it was true. I'm confident with time and consistency we will see all the results we desire. It was, in fact, intriguing. We had a good time and the dogs were pooped. This was exactly what we were looking for. Our dogs are good, smart dogs. We just weren't being good leaders.

Jamie and Ross Davis

April 30 2009

Dick is very good about giving clear instructions and the "why's" of what we're doing. We absolutely observed noticeable results by the end of our training. Both of our dogs showed improvement immediately. I have already recommended Bark Busters to my friends!

Laurie and Steve Wilkinson

April 23 2009

Dick gave us opportunities all the way through to ask questions and was very thorough in his explanations. Oh my! We observed noticeable results by the end of our first training session! I was so nervous to have my dogs outside with kids around but by the end I wasn't. It is a huge relief already and I'm excited about our decision to hire Bark Busters. Dick showed me how to use the collar properly to prove I wasn't hurting the dog. I really liked it. Dick was so nice and customized the training to the areas we needed most and some we didn't know we needed. Thank you!

Courtney and Ryan Booth

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