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Aloha | June 09 2010
Dick was very thorough. I loved the natural training techniques. It was strange with growling at my dogs, but it works. I always recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Beaverton | June 09 2010
Fletcher is calmer and not jumping up as much. Permalink
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Sherwood | May 25 2010
The flip chart presentation was very helpful, as were the demonstrations and aids. I understand that it will take time to change some behaviors, but even in a short time there were noticeable differences. The training is interesting and very helpful. Good information about how the dog "thinks" and "pack mentality." Bark Busters was recommended to me by my groomer, and I would recommend it to others. Permalink
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Hillsboro | May 13 2010
Dick stayed with the training techniques until we were clear on the instructions. We observed noticeable results, especially when the doorbell rang. Our dog sat and stayed until released. The techniques spoke to "Buddy" almost more than us. The training works, and it was fun! We were almost at the point of getting rid of Buddy because of his behavior, but the training has been great! Permalink
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Hillsboro | May 04 2010
Dick allowed for LOTS of questions, which was very helpful in our understanding of the training techniques. One of our dogs is hard of hearing and arthritic-a senior-and the collar is sometimes painful for him. We're working around that, however, and understand this is a unique situation. We have two vocal beagles, with one of them being particularly LOUD. The education in the barking alone has made the training worth it! We're all glad to be living in a happier, better-communicating household, dogs included! Permalink
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Portland | May 04 2010
Whenever I had a question, Dick took the time to make sure I fully understood the answer BEFORE he moved on to the next subject or action. Mowgli is like a completely different dog. He is following the new rules without any type of argument. Now it's up to me to keep him this way. I especially like the training without the use of food or treats. I feel more confident that I will be able to continue this training. I learned that a lot of the responses that I'd been giving to my dog's behavior reinforced the bad traits that I was wanting to correct. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors! The techniques I learned will help me create the dog I'm wanting. Dick Messenger did not do the training for me, which was very good. I learn much better by doing than by watching. I've created the behavior I want out of my dog, so that I know that I can continue to accomplish this! Permalink
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McMinnville | April 23 2010
Dick explained the training techniques very well. Dick is very good at training dogs. We were not pleased with the natural training techniques at first, but it didn't take long for us to understand why the program is set up the way it is. We feel a much stronger bond with our dog. I like working with Dick on Junior's training, and the program works! Dick is an excellent trainer, and I would not have any problem recommending him to my friends. Permalink
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McMinnville | April 19 2010
We were able to follow all the techniques and see why it would help. The dogs were calmer. My sister came over the next day and could see a big difference. You can see the dogs wanted to learn. The training was easy to do. The dogs like doing the exercises. We got really sick during training, and Dick was very helpful to get the training back on track once we got better. Permalink
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McMinnville | April 13 2010
Dick's presentation was clear. Taffy learned quickly, and although she is one of the dogs that doesn't respond to a chain noise, I was glad the other things worked. It is amusing to watch a dog learn. I recommend Bark Busters as it is important to help your dog understand and obey. Permalink
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Canby | April 13 2010
Dick was very easy to understand. The results were more noticeable with Mars than Star, but they are both doing well. I prefer natural training, rather than standard training methods. I found the experience to be very interesting and informative. I appreciated that Dick was concerned with me, considering I just had surgery prior to training. Permalink

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