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February 2 2012

We have a six pound Pomeranian whom we got at 9 months of age. She is now 2 and has always been a barker and jumper with a mind of her own. Donna came to our house and in two hours had trained us on how to train Bandi. She had us well on our way before she left. Bandi has made huge strides in all areas and we are very happy with the results.

Dick Rentz

September 11 2011

I contacted Donna because my 9-month-old Coton was constantly yapping at everything outside and inside the house. He was restless and driving me crazy. I could not let him greet people because I wasn't sure what he was going to do, and he had to be crated if had children visiting my house. He was also pulling on the leash and I felt embarrassed taking him for a walk due to his aggressive barking at people. We had done some basic puppy training based on operant conditioning (rewarding the dog with a treat) with him elsewhere so the dog knew the basics. However, it wasn't until Donna got here when the he understood what was really expected of him. After a two-hour session with Donna the barking, pulling and ambivalent behavior was gone. And this was all accomplished without the treats, which I found a lot more convenient and natural for me. The next day after Donna's visit I wasn't sure if the dog was sick because he was so peaceful. He wasn't sick. He simply knew what was his role now. I was the alpha in the house, not him. I would protect the house so that the dog didn't have to do it. The yapping, pulling, aggressive and otherwise ambivalent behavior around strangers and children was gone. When someone knocks at the door now, he knows that he's not supposed to bark and run to the door but he'll wait and do what is expected of him. I believe that dogs do well if they can. Before Donna got here my dog couldn't. Donna gave me the dog I always wanted. I highly recommend her. Thank you so much!


November 8 2010

Photo of Susan's dog

Donna is always all smiles and did a GREAT job helping me teach my Weimaraner good manners when we have guest at the house!! She is AMAZING!!


October 9 2008

Donna is a miracle worker, especially on the outdoor training sessions!

Tina D.

November 9 2007

I can't believe the change in our dog after just one session. He no longer refuses to leave his crate when we call him, and he isn't growling at our children. We aren't afraid of our dog any more.

Lisa R.

November 9 2007

Donna is wonderful -- very knowledgeable about dog behavior. I was always able to call her and get prompt solutions to my dog problems. I loved working with Bark Busters!

Fran C.

September 7 2007

I had a new dog within 15 minutes. I was shocked at how simple it was.

Kim B.

September 6 2007

Bark Busters provided the tools that we really needed to work with our dogs, and it's proving to be effective -- our dogs were definitely responding and exhausted by the end of the session.

Mary S.

September 6 2007

The results are evident immediately and the techniques are easy. Bark Busters has enabled me to have a much better understanding of our dog's behavior. Overall I am extremely impressed with Donna Smith and pleased with the results of the training.

Karen S.

September 6 2007

We are still in shock that it works! After spending money on other training that did not work, we are so happy.

Howard B.

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