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May 04 2010
We have recently rescued a 3-year-old, male golden retriever and have a smaller, 4-year-old, female spitz. Gail helped us with several issues for each dog as well as the interaction between them. We now have the correct way to effectively work with our dogs in a loving and constructive manner. Thank you so much for an excellent program....Read More


August 03 2006
Prince got the idea very quickly, and I was amazed and delighted that it worked. I don't think there is a better program anywhere....Read More

Ventura, CA

July 21 2006
We really enjoyed having Bill & Gail here to help us with Buddy. They were very informative and we had a great response from Buddy. We are very pleased with the progress so far....Read More


July 21 2006
Gail is a wonderfully supportive person. She taught me well, and when I called in a panic she was right there for me. Pierre is doing well and I know Gail will back me up in the future....Read More

Thousand Oaks, CA

July 21 2006
Gail & Bill Major are terrific! Their love for dogs shows - they are gentle, kind and loving....Read More

Santa Barbara, CA

July 21 2006
We know this is going to work for our dachsund. He simply responded to the Bark Busters technique. Its simple and not time consuming. Perfect....Read More

Oxnard, CA

July 21 2006
It's a great program. There are no gimmicks, voice tones and body language go a long way. I was amazed how quickly my puppy responded to the commands. The program is simple to follow. I just have to work at it daily....Read More

Thousand Oaks, CA

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