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Glenda Cohen

Glenda Cohen

July 12 2017
Glenda was wonderful! Right from the beginning I could tell she really understood our dog and helped us gain some insight on why he was having issues with walking, barking, and anxiety. Even after our first visit, we could already see some major improvement. We have a much happier, more calm, and better behaved dog who actually will stay in the backseat on car rides now. Amazing experience and Glenda was fabulous. Previously, I have felt judged by dog trainers but she made me feel heard and supported through the whole process!...Read More

Lauren E Olney, Maryland

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July 03 2017
When I first adopted my dog, Luna, I felt overwhelmed because I couldn't handle her on her leash. When we went for walks, she was very reactive to other dogs, and, on occasion, people too. It had gotten to the point that I was afraid to walk her. Glenda taught me methods and strategies to work with Luna so that I can keep her under control when I take her on walks. She also helped me work on Luna's indoor manners. You have put in the practice and effort, but it really does work. I'm happy to say that I am much more confident when I walk Luna, and Luna is much less anxious. I'm so grateful to Glenda....Read More

Claire T Olney, Maryland

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May 26 2017
Glenda was fantastic. She was clear in her explanations of the training techniques and was great with our sweet French bulldog,Betty! She answered any questions that we had and modeled how to implement the training....Read More

Lauren B Rockville, Maryland

Bark Busters dealt with Jumping up, Pulling
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April 17 2017
I contacted Glenda when I rescued Gallagher, 14 month old male American Pit Bull Terrier from the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. I already had Logan, a 4 year old Lab/Pointer mix so I knew I needed to get professional guidance on improving my pack leader skills to make sure both dogs integrate into my family and neighborhood. Although Gallagher is very affectionate and calm inside the house, he does have some reactivity to some dogs and humans when he is outside on leash. At our first session, Glenda focused on inside behaviors including door entry and exit, greeting visitors, jumping on visitors, and begging for food. In a very short time, she showed me how to work on each of these behaviors and we saw immediate improvement. The change in behavior was dramatic and continued as I followed Glenda's method with both dogs over the next two weeks. My second session with Glenda focused on out door behaviors with Gallagher. I know this would be a bigger challenge to work on the pulling on leash and especially his reactivity to dogs and humans. As with the first session, I was totally impressed with Glenda's methods and the results they produced. It has only been a couple of days since our second session and I still have work to do with Gallagher but he has already stopped pulling on leash. We are still working on the reactivity but I am confident that we will eliminate this behavior as long as I continue to work with him. In addition, Logan has also stopped pulling on leash. Glenda is so easy to work with, is non-judgemental, and has a positive, supportive attitude. We have another session with Glenda in a few weeks. I will update this post after that time and I am confident it will be a story of great improvement in these problem areas....Read More

Beryl C Germantown, Maryland

Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling
March 12 2017
Easy to follow instructions that may logical sense and gave me new confidence with my dogs....Read More

Ellen O Bethesda, Maryland

Bark Busters dealt with Jumping up, Pulling
February 25 2017
Although adorable, our little Toby would sometimes go "Cujo" on feet when caught unaware. That, in combination with pulling on the lead, jumping up on guests made it a bit stressful at times. We thought the problem was with Toby, but once Glenda showed us how our behavior has a direct impact on his, it made it so easy to affect a change. Within the same day of our first training, Toby was a new dog -- because his parents were setting clear boundaries. Can't say enough about how great the training has been for us....Read More

Suzie S Potomac, Maryland

Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Jumping up, Pulling
December 07 2016
I would recommend Glenda highly as a very qualified and knowledgeable trainer of both the dog and the owners. She explains the psychology of dogs thoroughly, and works hands-on with the dog and owner to achieve the desired behavior. She reminds us of Cesar Millan in her ability to communicate with the dog. Highly recommend!...Read More

Angela F Gaithersburg, Maryland

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December 01 2016
Glenda was awesome! She was in control the entire way....very professional and thorough....completely dedicated to our success with our puppy....Read More

Steve L Kentlands, Maryland

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October 18 2016
We are so thankful for the training sessions we had with Glenda! Our overly active 1yr old dog was getting into everything, chewing, jumping, pulling, you name it! Her training techniques were so clear and easy for first time dog owners to use successfully. We now have the tools we need to correct behavior and have a positive and happy experience with our rambunctious puppy!...Read More

Claire P Gaithersburg, Maryland

Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Chewing, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling
September 15 2016
Glenda of Bark Busters, saved my life and my dogs lives. After four years of two dogs living together (a Boxer and a Sheltie), a third (15 month old Golden Retriever) was added due to the death of his owner. Cooper had spent several months we us, and we knew he would be returned. So when he became permanent, I thought I had better ask for help. Cooper loved to counter surf and pull you across the county while walking on the leash. Blu and Titan barked incessantly when the doorbell rang. It was often like a three ring circus. Cooper also had so much energy! A quick and simple solution was to enroll him in daycare. It works like magic! After two sessions and training techniques tailored for each dog, Cooper walks on a leash, all three dogs charge the door when the bell rings less and there are peaceful moments in my home. Glenda not only trained the dogs, she trained me and she had a tremendous amount of patience while doing it....Read More

Iris J Rockville, Maryland

Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Puppy management

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