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Glenda Cohen

Glenda Cohen

September 15 2016
Glenda of Bark Busters, saved my life and my dogs lives. After four years of two dogs living together (a Boxer and a Sheltie), a third (15 month old Golden Retriever) was added due to the death of his owner. Cooper had spent several months we us, and we knew he would be returned. So when he became permanent, I thought I had better ask for help. Cooper loved to counter surf and pull you across the county while walking on the leash. Blu and Titan barked incessantly when the doorbell rang. It was often like a three ring circus. Cooper also had so much energy! A quick and simple solution was to enroll him in daycare. It works like magic! After two sessions and training techniques tailored for each dog, Cooper walks on a leash, all three dogs charge the door when the bell rings less and there are peaceful moments in my home. Glenda not only trained the dogs, she trained me and she had a tremendous amount of patience while doing it....Read More

Iris J Rockville, Maryland

Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Puppy management
September 04 2016
Glenda had been endlessly helpful to working with Luka and myself on his reactivity issues. She instructed me on mg disagreement techniques, relaxation techniques, unique equipment that I was unfamiliar with, as well as benefits and long term goals. Glenda was patient, relaxed, focused throughout all of our visits, ensuring that I understood the directions and techniques to help Luka evolve into a more relaxed dog enabling greater access to going out into the community. I can't express enough appreciation add to how Glenda had helped us. I would highly recommend working with her to anyone who is challenged by behavior issues with their dog....Read More

Bonnie S Rickville, Maryland

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July 22 2016
Glenda is excellent! I have two adult rescue dogs, a chocolate lab puppy, and a recent significant change in family dynamics that was causing one of my rescues to act aggressively. Glenda quickly identified the problem and gave me strategies to remedy the situation. We haven't had a single dog fight since, whereas before they were occurring a few times a week. She brought calm and control back to my house. Glenda also gave me great tips for working with my puppy and correcting some smaller annoyances with my adult dogs. I am a self-proclaimed "dog person" and feel like I have a very good understanding of dogs, but she really educated me to a new level. She is absolutely worth the investment!...Read More

Kendall S Gaithersburg, Maryland

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June 23 2016
Glenda is the best. We had been to other trainers for our hyperactive labradoodle, but after just the first session, Glenda provided techniques and training our whole family could use. She really seems to care about her clients, and even helped us to diagnose a digestive problem with Callie. I can't speak highly enough about our Barkbusters experience....Read More

Gabrielle D Olney, Maryland

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May 17 2016
We found Glenda to be very knowledgeable and patient with us as we learned new (and much better!) ways of communicating with our feisty dachshund....Read More

Joan P Gaithersburg, Maryland

Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up
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May 16 2016
From the very first lesson, we saw changes in Bella's behavior and our behavior. It's a training not only for your dog but for us as doggy parents! We learned to be consistent, anticipate behaviors we wanted to not have occur, reward her appropriately, use appropriate tone of voice, and so many other things we needed to do the right way! It was so important to do this training in our home where the behaviors were occurring and where Glenda could observe us and observe Bella. The one-on-one training was essential and resulted in much faster and more tailored progress than if we had done a group class outside our home environment. I highly recommend Glenda and the Bark Buster system of in-home individualized training that works!! We are so pleased with Bella's new behaviors and it's reduced the stress in our home for us and for her. We are all so much happier! And yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.....Bella is almost 8. I also like the lifetime support. Since Glenda now knows us and our dog, we can call her when some behavior occurs that we don't know how to manage and she can talk us through it on a quick phone call!! Glenda "speaks dog" and she definitely "speaks dachshund" in our case! Thanks Glenda!!...Read More

Ellen F Gaithersburg, Maryland

Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Other, Separation anxiety
May 07 2016
I will highly recommend Glenda and Bark Busters. She is a fabulous training and has been a great help in the training of our new "high energy" puppy. She has a great demeanor with both people and dogs and utilizes only a positive training approach that works wonders:)...Read More

Lauren K Potomac, Maryland

Bark Busters dealt with Puppy management
May 07 2016
Within minutes of entering the room, Glenda commanded the respect of my unruly German Shephard puppy Sasha. My dog used to bark incessantly at people and other dogs and now with the proper training, barking has significantly decreased. She still has episodes but that is just a matter of reinforcing training on my part. Training a dog is just as much as training an owner and that is something Glenda does superbly. I would recommend her services to anyone....Read More

C A Rockville, Virginia

Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Pulling, Puppy management
May 02 2016
Glenda is a magician! I couldn't believe it when I saw my dog obeying her commands after just a few minutes of knowing her. I learned not only how to command and set rules for my dog, but more importantly - I learned to understand what were the reasons for every behavior and also to know what to expect from my dog. Glenda is super professional and my dog's behavior is so much better! Thank you Glenda! It was a pleasure knowing you!...Read More

Sharon D Rockville, Maryland

Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Pulling
January 13 2016
We just rescued a 6 month old puppy who needed quite a bit of training. Glenda is a wonderful dog therapist. She is quite knowledgeable and very understanding. Most importantly she Is very patient and will take time to explain every technique used. I highly recommend her....Read More

Argo C Pitimac, Maryland

Bark Busters dealt with Chewing, Jumping up, Puppy management

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