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April 11 2012

Our dog Bella was about 7 months when we saw Greg's Bark Buster car and decided to check it out. After doing a little research, we gave Greg a call. To name a few concerns, Bella was terrible at going for walks, would get very anxious when we left the house, and would bark during the night. After our first visit with Greg we both felt more in charge. We had Bella sleeping through the night right away and after plenty of patience and practice leaving the house and going for walks become much more pleasant. Greg's guidance has been very beneficial and we are very glad we gave him a call. Thanks Greg!

Amanda Splan

January 28 2012

Greg came to my house to train Raggedy Anne of some of her bad habits. Greg was very impressive with her. She responded very quickly to his commands. She is doing 110% better now since Greg has trained her. I would highly recommend Greg to train your out of control dog he will get the job done right. I will use Greg all the time for any of my Training needs.

Edward Robenolt
Wisconsin Rapids

December 9 2011

We can't speak highly enough about Greg and Bark Busters. Our terrier was adorable, but a hand-full. Two puppy classes didn't at all help. Then we heard about Bark Busters. Greg has made suggestions on corrections that are tailored to Seamus' personality. Thanks to Greg, Seamus is happy, content, playful, and yet the good boy we hoped he could become. We absolutely could not have made it on our own. Instead of fattening up your dog with treats (which, for us, didn't work), call Bark Busters. Greg has spent all the time we've needed, and he's always available. A wonderful service, and a bargain for what he provides.

Edward & Margaret

November 14 2011

Photo of Bryan Wheeler's dog

My wife and I have a 2½ year old Siberian Husky, named Pavlov, that we adopted from Adopt A Husky. He was found in the streets of Chicago and there was no information on where he came from or what he had been through. We had noticed that Pavlov had an issue with food aggression and being in the presence of other dogs. Pavlov would snarl at us if we came close to him while he was eating. When he would see another dog he would lunge, growl and bark like a maniac. Pavlov absolutely loves people and would roll over on his back to get his belly rubbed whenever he would meet someone. Greg informed us that Pavlov could be the author on "passive dominance" and that even though he was soooooo cute, he had to have more discipline and had to know that we are the pack leaders. Gregs methods worked very well with getting Pavlov to eat his food without snarling at us, breaking the cycle of him going belly up and then doing what we want and just general sits and stays when we needed him to. Pavlov use to lay between furniture, in corners or in his crate, but now he trusts us more, knows he is safe and will lay out on his bed, in the middle of the floor or under our legs with no issues. Pavlov sits and stays when visitors come, heels on walks and comes on command when he is outside. Due to the time of year (getting dark at 5) and us having very busy schedules we have not been able to work on Pavlov's behavior around other dogs that much. We plan on working with Greg in the spring and getting Pavlov to behave around other dogs. However, using some of Greg's techniques, we have been able to start getting Pavlov more comfortable around dogs we encounter on walks. Greg has helped us make Pavlov the absolute best dog in every way. Pavlov listens, sits and stays on command, comes when called and we believe Pavlov feels more secure and safe with us than he ever has before. Greg has done a great job and I would recommend him to anyone. THANKS GREG!!!!

Bryan Wheeler

April 8 2011

My dog, Nestle, was barking a lot. Greg came in and worked with us for one two and a half hour session. Nestle is NOT barking as often, is easy to correct when he misbehaves. I feel more confident in my leadership skills both inside the house and while we are outside walking. Thanks for your help Greg!

Jennifer Hubert

March 29 2011

Photo of Andi Lushaj's dog

I am fostering a dog for a local rescue since mid-January 2011. She is a 4-6 year old Bichon/Maltese and is a retired breeder puppy mill dog that has lived her entire life in a cage. She is however a sweetheart but very shy and entirely untrained. We've patiently worked with her and she's made improvements but we hit a wall with her separation anxiety and nothing was working. She bonded with me to the extent that if she left my side she would bark uncontrollably until I returned. To make the matters worse, when she was anxious and barked she lost control and always pooped in the house. I called Greg who picked up and he agreed to promptly visit us for a private session. He was very generous to not charge for this consultation since this was a foster dog, which was highly appreciated by us and the rescue. To say that Greg was outstanding is an understatement. He first set and talked with us to understand the problem and the environment around the dog. Then, he was able to make the dog stay though we had never been able to do this, and he worked on basic obedience and separation anxiety. Greg managed to immediately control the dog and put her in a calm state of mind, as I left the house several times practicing realistic scenarios that had been problematic until that time. Greg patiently helped us understand how to communicate with the dog; he gave a presentation of the Bark Busters methodology, and showed us how to use training tools indoors/outdoors. The results were instantaneous, amazing and fantastic, there has been no more barking since his visit. Greg returned for a follow up visit and also e-mailed us specific instructions and homework in order to keep up the great Bark Buster leadership training. He also gave us handout materials for further reading. I say it without hesitation that Greg is the best dog trainer I have worked with and I very highly recommend him. He has helped change the fate of this rescue dog from unadoptable to entirely adoptable, and he has single-handedly ensured that this dog who has had a horrible past will now have a home sweet home to call her own. Thank you very much, Greg!

Andi Lushaj

October 11 2010

Greg Reetz is truly a remarkable trainer. I own a 1-year-old Maltese named Lily; cute as a button and adorably full of life, but at times, a little too much life. Let's just say, she was definitely calling the shots in this household. The constant barking, jumping up on guests, and nipping at pant legs were a growing annoyance, but I became concerned when Lily no longer wanted to go to doggy day care, and that's when I called Greg. I quickly learned that Lily was easy to train; I was the one that needed to be trained. To my defense, Lily is the first puppy I've owned, so I didn't know what I was doing wrong. Greg does an excellent job of analyzing the situation in your own environment. He instantly picked up on Lily's territorial behavior with our home and me. I was Lily's grand possession, which explains her no longer wanting to go to day care; she was developing separation anxiety. Within just 2 hours, Lily was a calm and happy dog. Granted, she still has her moments, but it's work in progress; the more I commit to working with her, the better she becomes. If you're having problems with your furry loved one, give Greg a call. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Stacy Allbright

September 29 2010

We were having problems with our dog Sophie barking and jumping whenever anyone came over to visit us. I would have to kennel her in order to contain her. When Greg came to our home, he was a real eye-opener! He taught us that Sophie is under a lot of stress feeling that she is to protect our property, home and us. I had no idea she needed more rules. So he taught us to say "bah" when someone knocks on the door and she barks. She is also to stay in a sit position while we open the door. She's gotten much better at this and isn't so nervous anymore. She was also very frightened of storms and would coward and hide; she shows a big difference in her actions of fear also. Greg says we have taken away "the boogy man" from her. She is also not to be anywhere in the kitchen while we're preparing meals as well as sitting down to eat. Now when we are in the kitchen getting food ready, she leaves and goes into another room. It's amazing how more rules can make your dog a better dog! Thanks Greg for an eye-opener and helping us to have a better dog that's more of a family member and not the "protector!" We really appreciate everything that you've taught us!!

Lori & Rick Retzlaff

September 8 2010

Photo of Jennifer Carlson's dog

We own a 2-year-old golden retriever, Gopher, and a 2-year-old pointer mix, Harley. We've had Gopher since he was a puppy, but we got Harley from the Dane County Humane Society when we moved to Madison so Gopher could have a playmate. He was a completely different dog than what we saw at the Humane Society and showed some aggressive behavior and was not well-mannered. We called Greg up from Bark Buster and even though it was expensive, it was so worth it. He came out to our house many times and followed up with us by phone calls and e-mails to see how Harley and Gopher were doing. He helped us to understand why Harley acted the way he acted and why he showed different behaviors from myself to my husband. Greg helped me to become more confident in myself when I'm around Harley so Harley would respect me more. He also helped us out tremendously on walks. Harley does not pull anymore which was a big problem before. We appreciate the fact that Bark Busters is all around the United States so when we move to our next destination we'll be able to utilize them if need be. Because of Greg, Harley is still with us and not going anywhere!

Jennifer Carlson

September 3 2010

Photo of Paul & Mara Brooks's dog

Greg Reetz did a great job helping us train our recently "adopted" 2-year-old Vizsla. Hawk has a lot of energy and was never trained on leash or in the house. We set up an appointment with Greg within a week of getting Hawk and he was able to teach us how to be the "lead dog" so that we could help Hawk understand the rules of the house and of the leash. He gave us some key tips that we repeated with consistency between visits and Hawk has quickly become a wonderful addition to the family. We feel we definitely made the right choice in hiring Greg to be our trainer-he trained us all in the surroundings in which we operate on a daily basis-and made appointments that work within our schedules and preferences. He remains willing to continue to help us to troubleshoot on odd issues that arise. Overall, we've been very pleased and feel that Greg did a great job in training us all.

Paul & Mara Brooks

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