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September 2 2010

Greg has helped me become the pack leader of my 15-pound dog, Jasmine. The barking is so much less, and taking her on walks has become enjoyable!

Bliss K.

August 20 2010

Photo of Vicki & Mark & Morgan Betthauser's dog

A couple of months ago we called Greg Reetz with Bark Buster's. Our Dog, Holly Girl, was a rescue from the Humane Society. She was 4 years old and had a lot of problems like barking out windows, barking at loud noises outside and barking at other dogs. She also was constantly following me around the house. Our biggest worry, was that she would bite someone, so our last ditch effort was to call in a trainer and hope that we had some positive results. Otherwise, we were not going to be able to keep her. Greg came in and on the first day we saw a different reaction from our dog. Greg was also able to help us with how we responded to our dog. Before it was only me trying to train her, but thanks to Greg, now my husband and daughter are helping also. The training has really helped the whole family!! We started just working with her behavior in the home, now we are working with how we walk her outside. Greg's training with us has been an on-going process. The program is for the life of our dog. Greg has always been just a phone call away when we need his advice and guidance! Thank you Greg for all your advice and training, for not only our dog but the family as well!

Vicki & Mark & Morgan Betthauser

August 12 2010

Photo of Wendy Nelson's dog

Greg Reetz is a remarkable trainer. He's great with my dog, upbeat, and terrific at showing me how to observe my dog's behavior before it becomes a problem. My dog has always been nervous and shy. She becomes easily disturbed by loud noises, strangers and other dogs. Her response to any strange situation has been to raise her hackles, bare her teeth, and bark viciously. She once even bit a relative on the dark stairway to our basement. Greg showed us that her behavior was fear rather than aggression, and that she was filling the leadership vacuum left by us. Moreover, he said she was miserable being leader. As we developed a greater understanding of how to communicate leadership, we could see her relax and smile in moments that would have panicked her in the past. Greg showed my spouse and me how to be on the same page with our handling of our dog, as well. Knowing that both of us would be consistent with her is helping her to relax even more. Greg also has a great arsenal of training tools for both inside and outside the house, and he is superb at demonstrating how to use them correctly. Ask him about the water bombs!! They're the most amazing attention-getters I've ever seen! I highly recommend Greg Reetz. He's helped us reveal the sweet girl that my dog really is.

Wendy Nelson

July 20 2010

Photo of Deb and John's dog

We have a 1 year old Labradoodle-Lambeau. Lambeau had a bad problem with jumping on people when they walked through the door and he was very dominant, to the point that he would growl and go after me at night when I would put our laundry away!!! Greg came over and we were just amazed. By the time he left, Lambeau was no longer doing either one of those things....I was just amazed at the techniques that we were shown and how easy it was to "break" him of his bad habits...not to mention, we can now take him for a walk instead of him taking us for a walk!!!

Deb and John
Fall River

July 9 2010

Photo of Paul & Lisa Meyer's dog

I cannot begin to tell you how amazed we are with the progress our dogs made with trainer Greg Reetz on his first visit! To those of you who are skeptical about paying for this training, believe me, it is money well-spent! We decided on the lifetime plan for our two dogs and are very pleased with the amount of training, and the phone calls and e-mails we receive from Greg. He is available to us at all times for any issues that come up or for questions that we have. Greg has also trained us in behaviors that were contributing to the dogs' behavior. I would highly recommend Greg, and Bark Busters, to anyone who is struggling with bad dog behavior.

Paul & Lisa Meyer

June 24 2010

Photo of Rebecca Gorshe's dog

We had our first visit from Greg today to work with our 3-year-old black Lab, Denali. I have been continually frustrated with Denali's intense energy and his inability to calm down when we would get visitors. By the time Greg left, we had Denali under control. I was especially amazed that we had finally broken his fixation on his ball! We've continued to use the tools Greg has given us throughout the day, and it's like we have a different dog. He's calm, he listens, and we had a friend come over without getting jumped all over. I'm totally amazed and can't thank Greg enough! I can only imagine what an obedient and happy dog we will have with continued work. Thank you so much!

Rebecca Gorshe

May 24 2010

Photo of Jessica Raasch's dog

I have had the best experience with Bark Busters!! I have a 4-year-old pitbull mix named Zoe, who is very timid, that I recently rescued from a shelter. She had been there for four years and needed some socialization skills. Greg has been great, coming over whenever needed to help her out of her shell. After one day, I noticed a different dog!! Going up to people, coming to her name, coming out to the living room when there are other people at home, and even learning how to play with toys!! Greg has not only helped with Zoe and her behaviors but also letting me know how and what I should do to keep Zoe well-socialized. Greg has been great for me and Zoe, and I would definitely, without hesitation, recommend him to anyone. If you're ever having a tough time, he's there whenever you need him!! Thanks again!

Jessica Raasch

April 13 2010

We have two Malti-poos, aged 4 and 2. Both used to bark to a ridiculous level when anyone came to the door or walked by our house (even on the other side of the street). Taking the dogs out to use the bathroom required looking both ways first to be sure no one was around. Totally embarrassing! Finally broke down and called Greg. Within 5 minutes of Greg being in the house, the dog were much different. After a few hours, we had the confidence to better control our dogs and the tool to improve our place as pack leaders. Greg took the time to explain his reasons for everything he taught us and the how and why behind our dogs' outrageous behavior. Greg accompanied us while taking walks around the neighborhood, utilized stuffed dogs to simulate stimuli that usually set the dogs off, and was always kind and constructive in his critiquing of what we were doing well and what we needed to continue to work on. I highly recommend Greg to anyone with dogs that bark, display aggressive behaviors, jump, etc. Thanks a ton, Greg! Our dogs are a pleasure to be around, and we don't worry about taking them out or when the neighbors are outside.


February 28 2010

Photo of Amy Schulz's dog

Greg was very professional and explained things to us clearly. We have an Aussie and a Pyrenees, and he understood each dog very well and enlightened us to why they were behaving the way the were and taught us some humane techniques that are working very well with them. Thanks Greg!

Amy Schulz

February 22 2010

Greg did a great job with both our dogs! After one visit, we noticed a dramatic change in our lab. We no longer need to kennel our dogs during the day and no longer need to worry about our house getting destroyed while we are gone. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


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