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Andrew B
Andrew B San Diego, California | September 19 2013
We adopted a miniature Schnauzer as our first dog. Mozart is a great puppy, but was starting to learn some troublesome behaviors. We tried some of the advice we found online, but found too much of it to be conflicting and had difficult to create a structure out of. Other advice was not adaptive enough, and it was hard to decide where to go when the expected resultant behavior did not appear. After trying a couple other trainers, we called up Jan Janecki from Bark Busters Home Dog Training and arranged a meet and greet. From the get go it was clear that Jan knows what she's doing. She provided a framework for communicating with our dog Mozart that made sense rationally and was quickly understandable. The advice she provided was not rote either; she was willing to work with our behavioral preferences and Mozart's reactions, explaining the rationale as we went along. When we wanted advice out of session, she was quick to respond as well. Mozart has come a long way since then, and even though there's still a ways to go we can see his progress week to week. Overall, a great experience and we recommend her to all new dog owners. Permalink
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Juls W La Jolla, California | July 13 2013
After working with Jan, our once troubled and aggressive rescue Chihuahua is now "new and improved!" Jan worked wonders with us and our dog Bailey. She coached us on the proper way to interact with Bailey and he is now responding as he should. We are thankful Jan has provided us with the tools to work with Bailey going forward. We thought Bailey was just an overly aggressive dog trapped in a Chihuahua-sized body. He went after most dogs, no matter the size or breed. He also barked incessantly at our house guests, even those he knew. He also had that classic nervous Chihuahua shaking characteristic. I thought this was just "being a Chihuahua" but Jan helped us understand these behaviors and his shaking were not normal. They were fear-based responses due to his insecurity. Jan taught us proper commands and behaviors to build Bailey's confidence. After a little over two months, with Jan's direction and consistent "homework" on our part, Bailey is now able to walk by (on leash) most dogs in the park or on trail without getting too aggressive. He still has his moments, but compared to before, this is night and day. He doesn't bark at familiar house guests now, as long as we use the commands he has learned. He really is a "new" dog. Our most important goal was to have Bailey socialize with another family dog he was very aggressive with. We couldn't even have them in the same room together without a fight. Jan worked special sessions to get the two dogs together on walks, and he no longer shows aggressive tendencies towards her while they are walking together. It really is amazing. I highly recommend Jan! She is patient, knowledgeable and really remarkable at what she does. My husband and I couldn't be more pleased with the entire experience and our results. Permalink
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Joan P San Diego, California | September 20 2012
We inherited a 9 year old sweet, but ill-trained dog from a family member. We were at our wits end - walks were a nightmare when I found Jan through Bark Busters online. She helped rehabilitate her and her training made a huge difference for the dog and us! She really knows dogs and her tips were invaluable. We highly recommend Jan Janecki and Bark Busters. Permalink
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Debbie N Carmel Valley, California | September 18 2012
Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? My ten year old Maltese was always a barker, yet as she has gotten older her barking has increased to the point that is was a hindrance to my lifestyle. She barked at everything and for every reason. As well, we recently moved which added to her anxiety. I wasn't sure if anyone or anything could help as I had tried everything yet I had to do something. I saw wonderful reviews for Jan Janecki of Bark Busters and I can't tell you happy I am that I contacted her!!! In one training session Jan showed me how to be the leader and how to work with my dog. Jan was patient and wonderful to work with. I have followed up with my dog daily with the tools Jan showed me and my dog's barking amazingly has drastically diminished and I have peace in my home again. I am so grateful to Jan! Permalink
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Wendy C Rancho Bernardo, California | August 25 2012
Jan Janecki worked with me and my extremely fearful rescued dog that was 1 1/2 years old when I adopted him. She helped me to create a more balanced dog who no longer is afraid of people, no longer pulls on leash and who is able to walk past once feared trash cans and manhole covers. Life was anxiety filled for our dog, Bailey but now he is able to enjoy many of the pleasures a dog should experience. I can't thank Jan enough for her unique understanding of fearful dogs and how best to bring them out of their shells while creating a well behaved dog. I have also seen her work with dogs that had different issues than my dog. I highly recommend her for all dogs regardless of the problem. Permalink
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Ellen C San Diego, California | August 13 2012
Jan was instrumental in helping us become dog people and some scouts in my son's troop earn the dog care merit badge. We had never owned a dog before and we had special requirements due to my husband's disability. The elderly cocker spaniel we rescued was a match made in heaven. Jan taught me to be alpha, our family to be a pack, and my son to teach the dog complicated tricks such as "roll over." We bought the lifetime contract and knew that Jan was just a phone call away. We really appreciated the individual attention. Permalink
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Jenkins C San Diego, California | March 22 2012
My girlfriend and I had a hyper golden retriever puppy that was very headstrong and disobedient. It got so bad that it was becoming impossible to walk the little ball of energy. At first I was a little hesitant because of the prices charged by Bark Busters...but we were at a crossroads. Either the whole dog ownership experience had to change or we couldn't be dog owners. After discussing the concepts of "pack leadership" and being shown the ways to display leadership, our dog went through a transformation. I am not one who is easily impressed, but I must say it was AMAZING! Now our dog is a breeze to walk, and is becoming more obedient every day. Jan Janecki has made the dog ownership experience truly rewarding and will provide you with tools to create a relationship of respect, trust, and companionship with your dog. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!!! Permalink
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Cindy T Scripps Ranch, California | August 08 2011
As a first-time dog owner 6 years ago, I contacted Jan Janecki with Bark Busters to help me learn the basics. She taught me how to housebreak, crate train, and walk on leash and the come/sit/stay commands. I purchased the lifetime package, and just last weekend we had remedial training (for me!) on how to keep my dog from pulling on the leash when we walk. She's a patient and very effective trainer, whom I highly recommend! Permalink
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San Diego | July 29 2011
I'm a veterinarian that needed help training my dogs. I have two dogs, a small terrier mix that is about four and a boxer mix that is about 6 years. Over the last few years I had just accepted that my dogs would pull on their leashes, run to the door every time the door bell rang and the small dog would bark at any noise on the street. Over the past few years my boxer mix has become increasingly aggressive towards other dogs when out on walks. After hearing nothing but positive things about Bark Busters, I finally made the decision I wish I made a while ago. I called Bark Busters and Jan came to the rescue! The first visit included a lot of information about Bark Busters and their training methods (very important to know when you work with a trainer). Through out the sessions Jan worked not only with our dogs, but more importantly with us. We realized a lot of things that we were doing wrong. When the sessions were over we were given homework for the week. After two sessions and lots of homework we noticed huge differences in our dogs! The dog that was aggressive towards other dogs will now either sit patiently or just walk by other dogs without any problems. It's great! I wish I did this a long time ago as we used to go walking all the time until it became stressful. Now we're back to walking and running all the time!! Permalink
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San Diego | July 29 2011
This is the only training that worked for my "untrainable" dog Zoe! She was a wild, jumping, barky dog before Jan came over. Permalink

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