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Valerie M South Chatham, Massachusetts | April 05 2018
Absolutely a wonderful 1st training session with Jason. We were amazed at how quickly our "boys" were able to follow commands. The hard part will be for my husband and my self to follow the steps. We have a week before Jason returns and we have confidence that if we follow what Jason told us to do, along with hand signals, changes in voice intonations, we will accomplish a lot and our "boys" will be well on their way to better behavior. We are so happy that we all are on a path to create a more harmonious relationship. Permalink
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Amanda S Plymouth, Massachusetts | January 30 2018
We have 2 dogs Abby who is a blue heeler mix about 3 yrs old and laylas an american stafforshire mix at 1 yr old they.Abby had an issue with strangers coming into the home would lunge at their faces. we were certainly afriad she may bite someone. One day Abby and Layla got into 2 fights in one day when they had never gotten into a fight before after living together for about 10 month. This scared me and i felt uncomfortable letting the 2 dogs play together in fear they would end up fighting again but both dogs were so unhappy they loved each other and looked forward to their play time. The Minute Jason walked end ofcourse abby was barking and lunging at him Jason was able to make her stop and leave him alone when we have never been able to do that ourselfs it was really kind of amazing she was listening to someone she had never met. Jason gave us the tools we needed to show abby that we are the boss and to let her know when there is no threat. He also was able to give us peace of mind in assure the dogs are not fighters and will be perfectly fine being left alone with each other. we are well on our ways to have perfect dogs thanks to Jason. Permalink
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Jennifer H South Weymouth, Massachusetts | January 19 2018
Jason was very patient and thorough with us and our pups. We have been doing our homework and seeing results! He was also very responsive when I called in between trainings with questions. Permalink
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Jessica W Easy Sandwich, Massachusetts | November 06 2017
Jason helped me with an adopted dog that was challenging me, even physically. Jason walked in and within minutes of working with him I could see a change in my dogs behavior. Needless to say, it took me much longer to exhibit as much control, but Jason's ongoing support and the tools he gave me have made all the difference. I highly recommend Jason, and feel anyone who needs help with their dogs, couldn't find a better trainer. Permalink
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moran S s. dennis, Massachusetts | November 04 2014
Sammy, my 3 y/o male shih-tzu has not been socially trained. I am home bound and cannot get out very much. As such, Sammy lacks adequate social skills and longs for canine interface. When we go out for walks and happen to meet another dog and owner, Sammy is so excited that I can hardly control him. He barks and pulls and often his neck hair raises. I fear that a dog fight might occur, he senses my insecurities which makes matters worse. With Jason and his two dogs, we were able to give Sammy some company and help me become more relaxed about the initial barking and curiosity that Sammy exhibits. Jason was so helpful and would come over when 'the bottom fell out' and I was in panic mode. Sammy is quite a willful cutie but, with Jason's help, I can get him to actually come, not pull when we walk, and I am becoming more confident with happening upon strangers and their dogs. Jason has been so helpful and always responds to e-mails and calls. He is quite generous with his time and is so patient. He is very knowledgeable but most of all, he is a good soul who really wants dogs and owners to have a rewarding life together. Jason always provides training instructions for any problem owners may have. He is always willing to help and is never short tempered, no matter how many times an owner might fail. I have learned to relax with Sammy and let him be a dog. He really is a good boy and I have become a better owner. We are blessed to have Jason as our 'safety net' if we lose ground and have to regroup. You will be so glad to have Jason to guide you and your best friend. You and your little luv will be on the right track. Permalink
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Fall River | August 31 2009
Everything was explained clearly and thoroughly. I was amazed how Maya actually listened to Jason, just after a short amount of time. I was absolutely pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. I would never want to use anything that would inflict any kind of pain. I feel very confident that Maya will soon be a very well behaved dog. Permalink
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Brant Rock | August 12 2009
We were looking for a way to use our voice to train the dogs and that's definitely what we got. Overall, we are incredibly pleased with how Bark Busters has helped us! Permalink
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Mashpee | August 01 2009
Jason is excellent and he will follow up with necessary training for Jasper! Permalink
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Plymouth | January 31 2008
He told us she'd be a different dog by the time he left, and he was right. Jason is our trainer (yes, us being the parents), he was amazing, outgoing, warm, gentle yet firm when needed; he's great and we are glad to have him and his fountain of knowledge. Permalink
Newport | January 11 2008
The session was a bit of a whirlwind, but the paperwork left behind really helped reinforce and clarify a few things. I couldn't believe the results -- we couldn't be happier! Very pleased ...much better than the other techniques we've been taught in the past. We can finally communicate with our dog. It was great, very enjoyable seeing the results so immediately. I was happy with everything about the experience. I would recommend Bark Busters in a heartbeat. Jason was great, thank you so much. Permalink

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