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May 19 2011

Photo of Victoria Tully's dog

Results by the end of the training session were beyond my expectations! I felt very comfortable with Jeff and Cathy from the beginning and that was extremely important to me. Princess felt the same.

Victoria Tully

February 11 2011

I was astounded that the behaviors (we were concerned with) were corrected within two tries! This will change our family's life!

Melissa Hirsh
Plantation Animal Hosiptal

February 11 2011

Jeff & Cathy are EXCELLENT therapists. They explained every step great, were very patient, and solved several problems.

Joan Limbousis
Palm Harbor

September 2 2010

Hi Jeff and Cathy! Just wanted to send you a note to let you know of all the progress Ava has made. She has improved considerably since your visit. She picked up on the "sit" and "wait" commands fairly quickly and I have her wait for her meals, wait before I let her out of her crate, and wait until I enter and leave a room first. We also had a breakthrough today on the separation anxiety-after I leave and I hear her start to bark, I tap on my bedroom window (I keep her crated in my bedroom) and growl and she stops for good. She's also doing a lot better around other people and animals-still timid when she runs across another dog, but not as much as she was. And she walks on the leash a lot better. We still need to work on when visitors come to the house, but I did notice that the last time I had someone come over, she did sit when I commanded her to do so. And then when I went to open the door she became excited and got up, but I think she will improve on this as well the more we work on it. I also wanted to say thank you for working with us, and for giving me the foundations to train her. Thanks again.

Sarah Van Blaricum

September 2 2010

Jeff: I just wanted to let you know that we recently had guests with children for a week. Pinot and Lager were GREAT with the kids. The excitement lasted a few minutes then, when everyone was calm, they were calm. We all went swimming and Pinot was even better than we thought. She loves swimming and playing in the pool, but she was really gentle with the kids in the pool. She didn't swim after them like she does with adults. When playing with adults, she sometimes scratches during the swim (not on purpose), she just gets her paws too close. As for Lager, he loved the kids and just wanted to be near them but didn't care if they paid attention to him or not. There was a lot of activity and he would go into another room to sleep during the day. He found his safe spot either in our bedroom or bathroom. Overall, we were very happy with their behavior. Even though we used the training tool a little more than normal, they caught on really quick on how to behave around the kids. We are really proud of our dogs and how we are always learning with them. Thanks for the tools to help us do this. Thank you for all of your help.

Erin Wamboldt

January 28 2010

Jeff and Cathy were very helpful and explained the training in a way that was easy to understand.

Dawn McConnell

January 28 2010

Finally I understood the best training methods and the "why" behind them, from my dog's perspective. My dog Punkin now looks at me and listens to me with a much higher level of respect. As a person with a high stress level, when I finally relaxed, we had a great session. I think most humans need Bark Busters! Jeff and Cathy were very kind, considerate, patient and knowledgeable.

Julie Follman

December 23 2009

Cathy and Jeff are a good team and worked a small miracle for Casper and us.

Catherine and Patricia Gemmiti
Palm Harbor

December 14 2009

Jeff and Cathy did an excellent job thoroughly and sufficiently explaining the techniques. Our two dogs were responding to our commands. We were pleased and impressed! The dogs really listen and understand and it was so easy! It was very interesting, learning about the way dogs view us and the world was intriguing. Jeff and Cathy have been excellent! I love the quick responses to my telephone calls and emails.

Tiara and Lamario Harris

December 6 2009

The techniques were explained in a way that was perfect and easy to understand. My dogs responded really quickly to the training. The techniques work great! It was very interesting to find out the meaning of each expression the dogs make. Jeff and Cathy are GREAT and have the patience to teach us step by step. I LOVE THAT. Thank you!

Aileen Diaz

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