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Tampa | April 19 2012
Jeff and Cathy came to our house in 2010 to help with Lucy, our Great Pyrenees. She had been rescued from a puppy mill where was kept in a cage and had many litters of puppies. She had several behavioral issues that Jeff addressed and her behavior and attitude showed great improvement. She received a citation in December 2011 for nipping a neighbor when she was startled while walking on a leash. Jeff and Cathy met us in a field in the hot sun on very short notice, and he reinforced the lessons that she had learned. He was kind enough to write a letter about Lucy which we presented to the Judge. The letter enumerated her background and her disabilities, which included loss of hearing and vision, and the improvement in her attitude. Based upon this letter, the Judge dismissed the case. We are truly indebted to Jeff and Cathy for their dedication and help for Lucy. Thank you. Permalink
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Palm Harbor | April 08 2012
I have never trained a dog before and Cathy and Jeff made it so easy for me I could even teach my husband the training techniques as he was not able to attend the sessions. Our dogs became more relaxed and Happy after our first session. Cathy and Jeff taught us that we need to be the leaders and when we are not the dogs are stressed out. I love that the techniques are non-physical, but mental. I believe my dogs enjoy the training sessions. I've already recommended Bark Busters! Even our friends and family notice a change after our first session with Jeff and Cathy! Thank you Jeff and Cathy for giving us the tools to teach our pets and most importantly allow us to give them a happy and healthy life!! Permalink
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Tampa | February 29 2012
Great Training Session! I Learned a LOT! Permalink
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Tampa | February 29 2012
Kaite seemed more at ease from the first training session. I feel like I understand what Kaite needs from me more. Permalink
Odessa | July 18 2011
I saw immediate response from my two boxers. Also impressed that they took their different temperaments into account. I set up another appt. for 1-1/2 weeks after the first. Jeff called in between to help and check up. I was very impressed. Permalink
Tampa | May 19 2011
Results by the end of the training session were beyond my expectations! I felt very comfortable with Jeff and Cathy from the beginning and that was extremely important to me. Princess felt the same. Permalink
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Plantation Animal Hosiptal | February 11 2011
I was astounded that the behaviors (we were concerned with) were corrected within two tries! This will change our family's life! Permalink
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Palm Harbor | February 11 2011
Jeff & Cathy are EXCELLENT therapists. They explained every step great, were very patient, and solved several problems. Permalink
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Palm Harbor | October 20 2010
It made total sense! And has helped us know what to do in a way that is understandable to our dogs. We have noticed the biggest change with Zoe. Much less pacing and barking. It seems almost too easy! We are having great success in such a short time and by only making small changes. We are very pleased. We were very happy with our first session. Very successful and enjoyable. Cathy and Jeff are so patient and kind. It has only been two days and there has been tremendous changes in our dogs! I have tried many other trainers and it was all a waste. With Bark Busters not only am I seeing positive changes but understand the reasoning behind it and the behaviors of my dogs. Permalink
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Tampa | September 02 2010
Hi Jeff and Cathy! Just wanted to send you a note to let you know of all the progress Ava has made. She has improved considerably since your visit. She picked up on the "sit" and "wait" commands fairly quickly and I have her wait for her meals, wait before I let her out of her crate, and wait until I enter and leave a room first. We also had a breakthrough today on the separation anxiety-after I leave and I hear her start to bark, I tap on my bedroom window (I keep her crated in my bedroom) and growl and she stops for good. She's also doing a lot better around other people and animals-still timid when she runs across another dog, but not as much as she was. And she walks on the leash a lot better. We still need to work on when visitors come to the house, but I did notice that the last time I had someone come over, she did sit when I commanded her to do so. And then when I went to open the door she became excited and got up, but I think she will improve on this as well the more we work on it. I also wanted to say thank you for working with us, and for giving me the foundations to train her. Thanks again. Permalink

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