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Peachtree City, GA | December 05 2006
Our puppy is responding immediately to the Bark Buster training techniques. We're so glad to have gained this insight into our dog's thought and behavior patterns. It seems like it really follows his natural instincts (and ours, too!). Thank you, Jessica, for sharing this with us! I think puppy training in this style would help so many people understand and appreciate their dog's behavior and eliminate many potential problems from arising later on. Permalink
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Newnan, GA | October 02 2006
Barry & Jessica are awesome! Our dog Jesse has had amazing results after the first session!! We have recommended Barry to our neighbors and friends. We just love Jesse's results! Permalink
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Fairburn, GA | September 28 2006
We found the directions very clear and the instruction was extremely detailed and easy to remember. There was an instant change in Cocoa's behavior after the first training session. I'm impressed by how simple the natural techniques are to implement and that no physical methods are used. We found the training enjoyable and we were never bored because Barry kept our interest on the information he was presenting. I think these training methods could be used to successfully transform any dog with any problem. Thanks so much for your help! Permalink
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Griffin, GA | September 22 2006
Barry explained the training techniques step by step and made everything easy to understand. I love the fact of using voice tones and not physical contact to communicate with my dog. Barry never acted like he was in a hurry. He was very patient with us and our PUPPY. He gave us much more information than I expected. There were noticeable results by the end of our first session. Permalink
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Senoia, GA | September 14 2006
I was nervous at first because it seemed like so much to learn, but Barry broke down each step for us and made it easier for us to understand. With two dogs, one participated more willingly in the training session than the other. We were impressed how quickly they learned, especially Lexie. Within ten minutes, Barry had her barking under control. We found the Bark Buster techniques easy and effective. By the end of the first session, our dogs understood our tones and commands. Even though we were training our dogs, it was fun and relaxed. We never felt frustrated or stressed at our dogs! This method produced our desired results! I think that if people realized the simplicity of controlling dogs, less dogs would be shuffled from home to home or euthanized. We are thankful we found Bark Busters when we did. In just 10 minutes our dogs were under control! We were able to have a conversation with our guest, which is something we've never been able to do! Permalink
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McDonough, GA | September 09 2006
The Training was UNBELIEVABLE! Jake is a rescue dog and there is no telling what he has been through. He responded immediately! I never knew what a dog is thinking - it really helps in the training.The natural training techniques used by Bark Busters were GREAT! Barry and Jessica are very good! They are a wonderful credit to the Bark Busters team. Would I recommend Bark Busters? ALREADY HAVE! Called my mother, who is involved with Great Resue. She is always training new dogs! Also told my neighbor, my vet, the people at PetSmart, my friend in Florida, and my in-laws! Permalink
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Atlanta, GA | August 10 2006
The way that Barry explained the training techniques was so professional and easy to follow. Bella was extremely responsive throughout the first training session. It seemed like a lot to take in all at once, but we have already been at it for two weeks and we see a change in our habits and also in Bella's. Bella is becoming a joy to own instead of a constant pain. Permalink
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Locust Grove, GA | July 27 2006
Barry was excellent in explaining techniques. We were a bit overwhelmed with everything, but we pulled through! Wonderful results! We even put our dog Abby to the ultimate test that same evening with pizza delivery. She ACED it!! YEAH!! We chose Bark Busters because of the natural training techniques. Our problem was how to implement them. We were so proud and impressed with Abby's responses, and laughed and had a good time with Barry. We would recommend Bark Busters because of the most obvious: immediate results and a happier calmer puppy and a happier calmer family!! Thanks, Barry! Permalink
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Sharpsburg, GA | July 20 2006
Barry was very informative and personable. He made the training very interesting and enjoyable!We would strongly recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors! Permalink
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Fayetteville, GA | June 07 2006
Barry was Awesome! Our dog responded immediately to him. He explained everything very well and continues to be very supportive during subsequent training. Our home is so much calmer now that we have a puppy who behaves! Permalink

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