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Stephanie I Mount Airy, Maryland | November 12 2018
A big thank you to JIM HUBAND! We have a 1-year-old yellow lab named Molly sweet and extremely energetic! Nobody could walk in the door without her jumping on them. It was hell! Within 5 minutes of Jim coming here and working with her. He had earned Molly's respect! WOW! Little story... My husband was on a business trip he came back on Friday (Jim was here on Thursday) and when he came home he asked and I quote" what did Jim do where's the old Molly and I would have never thought we would have seen an improvement of this magnitude in a day"! Leadership/ patience and repetition is key! BTW my BAH/growling is not quite as effective as yours however it's a close 2nd. Lol. THANK YOU BARK BUSTERS, JIM HUBAND YOU ROCK!!! Permalink
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Aaron T Damascus, Maryland | November 09 2018
When we adopted our new pup we certainly knew that training would be in order, for us as much as the dog, and we contacted Bark Busters after catching some very positive reviews online. We were particularly drawn to the service after learning that there were no physical actions or training aides involved (clickers, e-collars, etc.), and after a few weeks in I can attest that Bark Busters DOES NOT disappoint. Jim has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and his methods are easy to pick up and maintain. We look forward to continuing to work with him and fostering positive behaviors in our pup! Thank you, Jim! Permalink
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Amanda M Damascus, Maryland | October 30 2018
Jim was absolutely awesome! He far exceeded our expectations and has helped us to accomplish what we never thought was possible with our puppies. Highly recommend him!!!! Permalink
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Alyssa V
Alyssa V Gaithersburg, Maryland | September 17 2018
I have been working with animals for the majority of my life, so when we adopted a third dog and started having some issues, I was a bit skeptical about hiring a trainer. I am SO SO happy we decided to go ahead with a professional trainer and that Jim is the trainer for our area. He helped explain how things really change with the 'pack dynamic' and we have seen great results because of it!! I would highly recommend Jim to any one who is seeking help for their fur baby's behavior. Jim does a great job of explaining and making sure his customer's 'humans' understand everything! Permalink
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Linda W
Linda W Gaithersburg, Maryland | April 06 2018
Jim Huband was the most professional trainer I have ever met. He explained the Bark Busters' expectations clearly and was amazing in dealing with our puppy, Sammy during his first visit. Jim answered all of my questions and taught me how to get Sammy to sit quietly and wait to be invited out of his crate, wait to be invited out the back door, stop being too aggressive with our older dog, and walk without pulling on the leash. I highly recommend Jim Huband and was one hundred percent satisfied with my Bark Buster's experience! Permalink
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Marion B Damascus, Maryland | April 02 2018
Looking for a skilled dog trainer, contact Jim Huband of Barkbusters - DAMASCUS, MD. Jim arrives promptly at your home, is very knowledgeable, & tailors his lessons based on the pet owner's wishes. He teaches practical skills to help you raise a confident, well-trained pup! I wanted you to know how much I respect your training. Permalink
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Melonie D Poolesville, Maryland | February 18 2016
Had a great training session with Jim at Bark Busters. My vicious attack dog now sits and quivers 6 feet back from the door and waits for me to release him ... to either consume the unwanted guest or for permission to sniff and greet the visitor appropriately. Who wants to knock on my door so we can practice? As a bonus,my cat, after the 8 months of living in fear ON the kitchen counter 24 hours per day, has been walking around on the FLOOR. Bark Buster guy was worth every penny. Barkbuster Dog training update. ******the new pit bull next door was the main reason I took the plunge and spent money on the dog trainer Jim Huband. My dog was ripping his face bloody trying to tear apart the chain link fence to get that dog. My dog was uncontrollable and ferocious when that dog was outside. I was afraid for a lot of reasons. This morning, less than a week after my first training session, I was able to play ball outside with my dog while the little pit bull ran alongside of the chain link fence that my neighbor and I share. Even with little pit bull barking, my dog was able to ignore it and relax and play ball with me the whole time. *********amazing!!!! I am stunned Permalink
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Jennifer & Doug H Mount Airy, Maryland | February 15 2016
This training method is easy to understand, not abusive and the trainer is not belittling like others we have experienced. Permalink
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Donald and Donna R Mount Airy, Maryland | February 14 2016
Amazed and impressed by the dog's immediate response to the methods of training that Jim Huband shared with us. Very valuable information that can help any dog owner learn the most helpful guidance in communicating with dogs. Permalink
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Susan W Mount Airy, Maryland | February 14 2016
In one lesson, I feel we have control of the situation! A miracle! Permalink
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