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Jean J
Jean J Irvine, California | September 13 2023
Very effective and easy instructions! Permalink
Trainer note from Joshua : Great day today working with Penny and Jean! Penny responded very quickly and well! I am looking forward to seeing about her progress. We worked on her manners around guest and also her door manners.
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Zoe G Laguna Niguel, California | September 12 2023
The training was very informative on how to set rules and boundaries with your dog. The training also teaches you how to properly communicate with your dog. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Puppy management
Trainer note from Joshua : Great first session today working with Fischer and addressing his door manners, leash manners, and boundaries. He responded very well and was a quick learner. I am really happy to watch him grow!
Danielle P
Danielle P Laguna Beach, California | September 02 2023
Thank you for doping a wonderful job of training us! Permalink
Trainer note from Joshua : Thank you, Danielle!
Thomas C
Thomas C Lake Forest, California | September 02 2023
Josh was helpful with telling us how dogs work. The psychology was very interesting! Was great to see instant improvement and Oso feeling better! Looking forward to his continued improvement Permalink
Trainer note from Joshua : Great session today working with Oso and addressing his separation anxiety and leash manners! He responded very well and picked up quick!
Sal and MaryLou M
Sal and MaryLou M Lake Forest, California | August 31 2023
I was surprised by the quick results on how my dogs responded to the training. The methods worked very quickly and even my 10-year-old beagle picked up on the command's. They are quickly learning; I look forward to working with my doggies to get them over the finish line. Permalink
Trainer note from Joshua : Really great session today working with Sal and helping him address his behavioral issues in the home with his two dogs. They both responded well, and Sal was extremely happy with the results he saw today during our session.
Michael and Lauren R
Michael and Lauren R Rancho Mission Viejo, California | August 30 2023
Very Efficient! Love the fear free training, dogs respect it. Josh was very educational and calm. We all learned a lot today and can't wait to see our dogs continue to improve. Thank you! Permalink
Trainer note from Joshua : Had a great time today working with Lola and addressing her leash manners and leash reactivity. She responded very well, and Lauren and Michael were stoked! We also addressed Lola and Rascal's relationship to which they both responded too! Now they have the tools they need to continue their improvement.
Soheil N
Soheil N Newport Beach, California | August 29 2023
We really appreciated the knowledge and psychology behind what you taught us. We learned a lot today which helped us understand their behaviors more. Thank you! Permalink
Trainer note from Joshua : Great session today working with Lucky and Bacon. We addressed their barking at the tv, leash manners and also Lucky's leash reactivity. They both responded very well, and I was really pleased to see their responsiveness.
Amy K
Amy K Coto De Caza, California | August 26 2023
Joshua was helpful & attentive to our needs. We are very optimistic about regaining our happy home. Permalink
Trainer note from Joshua : We addressed Blue and Moana's sibling rivalry and aggression around food. They both responded very well, and I am very happy with our progress. Now Amy has the tools she needs to continue the rules and boundaries we established today!
Cory S
Cory S Irvine, California | August 26 2023
By implementing a few simple changes, we noticed an immediate change in our dog's responsiveness. It was a huge relief seeing the positive impact the training has made. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Permalink
Trainer note from Joshua : Had a great lesson working with Zona and her new pet parents. Cory and Mackenzie was very pleased in the way Zone responded during our session!
Noha E
Noha E Mission Viejo, California | August 25 2023
It was very informative and helpful. Great to see our dogs responding to the training right away. Permalink
Trainer note from Joshua : Great first lesson today. We worked with both dogs addressing rules and boundaries inside and outside the home. Bella responded very well, and Thor picked up during our session. I am looking forward to continuing their progress.

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