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March 15 2013

June and Colin were wonderful in training us and Girly Girl! They are dedicated and professional. :-)

Lynn and Judy Livingston
Marco Island

March 13 2013

The training techniques were very easy to learn and understand, and we couldn't believe how fast Woody responded. The training experience was very interesting and enjoyable, and we can't believe how easy everything was. Woody is doing very well.

Andrea and Bob Collins

March 6 2013

Our dog is a yorkie - quite stubborn and we were amazed that he learned so quickly. We learned a lot about dog behavior in general. Colin is very professional, patient and very knowledgeable about canine behavior and training.

John Levins

February 15 2013

Unbelievable! Never thought Jack was capable of such good behavior. June and Colin are so fun and pleasant to train with!

Mary Anne Adame

February 13 2013

Colin and June were outstanding trainers. Enjoyed the first two hours session.

Linda and Gary Mink
Marco Island

February 12 2013

June and Colin were excellent - very knowledgeable and very pleasant. They made a huge difference in no time with my 4-month old puppy - amazing!

Melanie Hanson

February 8 2013

I felt that husband and wife worked well as a team. Both husband and wife were knowledgeable about their service, and we felt confident about results.

Carol and Charles Huber

February 7 2013

Excellent, amazing and very informative. I feel like I can better understand my dog and in turn she will know my expectations!

Carey Avalone

February 1 2013

Surprising how quickly the problem was remedied.

Mary Jo Caggiano

January 29 2013

Quality Training with excellent results.

Douglas Stewart

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