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August 27 2012

As a Veterinarian, I am thrilled to be able to refer June and Colin Glass to my clients as a training option, and now I can personally vouch for their skills as a customer.

Dr. Carrie Portu
Marco Island

August 23 2012

June and Colin are extremely professional and knowledgeable. They had (our pit bull) Murphy and our relationship summed up very accurately and quickly. I hadn't been able to walk Murphy without him pulling since he was a puppy. Even after one lesson, I was easily able to walk him with a Bark Busters collar. Also, Murphy didn't charge the door. We have had a different trainer in the past and Murphy listened to him, but not me (after MANY visits). The techniques work, and we are especially pleased with the Bark Busters collar because it doesn't choke. We both learned quite a bit, had fun and feel rewarded and excited to work with Murphy. Once neighbors see me walking Murphy without being pulled, and when Murphy doesn't jump on them any more, I'll definitely tell them about Bark Busters.

Tracy Furman & Michael Cadier
Big Cypress Animal Clinic, Naples

August 15 2012

Great training exercise; thank you for your help and assistance with Lilly.

Kathy Linsin

August 15 2012

Best training system I have ever experienced.

Tom Dunne

August 15 2012

Colin and June are lovely, knowledgeable people who work well together and transmit their knowledge in a clear and enjoyable fashion. In one day after initial training I have seen increased response to correction and a more compliant dog.

Marianne Dwyer

July 30 2012

My wife and I were extremely pleased with Colin. His techniques and training were extraordinary and we would be glad to recommend Colin and Bark Busters at any time.

Travis Hill

July 27 2012

The techniques and training from the dog's perspective was so enlightening. Riley seemed so calm and relaxed. He was ready for us to know what to do for him. Once it was explained what Riley needed from us, he, Riley, responded immediately. I found the whole training experience to be both very interesting and very enjoyable. It is now the day after the initial training and it is like being with a completely different dog.

Valerie Poling
Marco Island

July 17 2012

Taking the time to speak with us first about the methods that would be used was a great help. Walking was an issue, and he had already made improvements by the end of the first session. I am very glad that scare techniques are not used so my dog does not become afraid. I learned more in that time than in any other trainings we have tried to do. I found the results very valuable to both me and my dog, and the instant results were wonderful! I am thrilled after just the first session and am excited to continue.

Ryan Forslund

July 17 2012

We did not expect to see the excellent results we saw after just the first visit. Our dogs are barking less and listening better.

Nerina Martinez
Marco Island

July 10 2012

Perfection!! We were shocked and look forward to many more training! We found the whole training experience to be very interesting and very enjoyable! 10 out of 10!

Greg & Heather Howell

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