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July 17 2012

Taking the time to speak with us first about the methods that would be used was a great help. Walking was an issue, and he had already made improvements by the end of the first session. I am very glad that scare techniques are not used so my dog does not become afraid. I learned more in that time than in any other trainings we have tried to do. I found the results very valuable to both me and my dog, and the instant results were wonderful! I am thrilled after just the first session and am excited to continue.

Ryan Forslund

July 17 2012

We did not expect to see the excellent results we saw after just the first visit. Our dogs are barking less and listening better.

Nerina Martinez
Marco Island

July 10 2012

Perfection!! We were shocked and look forward to many more training! We found the whole training experience to be very interesting and very enjoyable! 10 out of 10!

Greg & Heather Howell

July 10 2012

Excellent on all counts. Lesson was great. My dog now listens and barking has diminished.

Barbara Bettman

June 28 2012

Colin explained the the training techniques very thoroughly and logically, in a way that was easy to follow and understand. The results by the end of the session were unbelievable. I think Lovey wants to have stress removed from her life. She is much more relaxed. I was pleased and pleasantly surprised by the natural training techniques, and that they did not make my dog anxious, but rather helped her with stress. The whole training experience was excellent - I found it interesting, enjoyable, very pleasant and do-able. I would most definitely recommend Bark Busters to everyone who has a dog.

Wilma Whittaker

June 19 2012

We were amazed by the changes in our dog within the first few minutes.

Kevin O'Brien

June 18 2012

Excellent trainers, excellent training. They made a huge difference to our dog in just one visit!!!

Marrie McLaughlin

May 29 2012

Incredible Results - I have had many trainers for the twins and this was the least complicated and showed the best results!

Barbara Wilson

May 25 2012

June and Colin were very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. It was great working with them. THANK YOU!

Michelle Nichol

May 18 2012

Very interesting content and I felt comfortable at the end with correcting the behavior. Excellent on every front.

Anne Harris-Doherty

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