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January 4 2012

We were glad that the natural training did not include harsh treatment. Colin and June were great - and their training was enjoyable. We would recommend Bark Busters to anyone with a dog that needed better control.

Jim & Paula Bradley

January 4 2012

The training experience was absolutely interesting and enjoyable - we have already recommended Bark Busters to friends and neighbors. Great Program!

Don & Carmen Ericson
Marco Island

December 23 2011

I was very pleased with the immediate response that we saw in Brutus.

Patrick Hill

December 13 2011

With just a few simple commands, my dog did what he was supposed to do. The natural training techniques were easy for me and my dog, and I loved the whole training experience!!! You are the best!

Marina Wheeland

December 12 2011

We loved how the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters were not at all abusive and so simple. After just one lesson, we had a completely different dog, and we would recommend Bark Busters.

Rachel Gamble

December 8 2011

Easy to understand and I was really impressed. I learned a lot about my K9! We have already recommended Bark Busters - Colin and June are fantastic! Thank you so much.

Marc Strzodka

December 6 2011

I'm excited, this is awesome. The training experience was both interesting and very enjoyable and, for sure, I would recommend Bark Busters. The natural training techniques used by Bark Busters were amazing.

Tish Kelly

December 5 2011

I learned as much as my pet and am now certain that I have a good dog - it's my pleasure to recommend Bark Busters.

Vickie Vanderpoel

November 26 2011

I was most impressed by Colin and June and the way they were able to tailor the program to our particular situation. I loved the way they interacted with us and with each other so that we could see them thinking through each part of the training. All training must be in the context of honoring relationships. There is no "system" that can take the place of learning with mutual respect. God bless you.

Stephanie Moore
Marco Island

November 22 2011

I would recommend Bark Busters. Their training is realistic for the dog and the owners. We were very pleased!

Leticia V. Skipper

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