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May 19 2011

June and Colin did more in a few hours than we thought possible. Excellent.

Bernice & Jerry Bobruff

May 14 2011

The dog was great with June and Colin and I believe he will do better with my training.

Dorothy Walton

May 2 2011

Pure genius, what a wonderful way to train "Bella" and her owners. Thank you, Colin and June - Mary and I are now able to communicate clearly with "Bella"; your passion and knowledge is very much appreciated! Looking forward to your second visit next week!

Peter Haestier

April 30 2011

My anxiety over my dog's anxiety has been greatly diminished by the professionalism of June and Colin.

Jimbo Dejacimo

April 30 2011

Thank you for a good night's sleep. No more sleepless nights!

Libby Anderson

April 23 2011

June and Colin Glass made the Bark Busters system thoroughly understandable, easy to follow and fun to put into practice. Well done.

Chris & Bob Fauls

April 23 2011

Photo of Lee A.'s dog

The German Shepard is often a misunderstood breed. Colin's no nonsense and patient approach helped make the trainings both meaningful and fun. Bark Busters personalized style addressed issues such as walking on the leash without pulling, door manners and attentiveness training. He helped me acknowledge some behaviors that I unknowingly encouraged that contributed to her ways. Jewel is now a favorite at the dog park and I have the confidence that she can shine in a variety of situations. Colin included my girlfriend as part of the training team. Bark Busters =happy owners and happy dogs!

Lee A.

March 28 2011

It was wonderful to see immediate positive results with our little Mia.

Liz Valavanis

March 22 2011

After two and a half hours, Petey was like a different dog. Colin and June were like a gift from God!!!

Michelle Anderson
Marco Island

March 18 2011

Both trainers made the training techniques painless, and therefore easy to follow and understand. Although Izzy is shy of 5 months, she did very well with the natural training techniques recommended by Bark Busters. The whole training experience was quite lovely - very informative and presented clearly. Very professional and well versed.

Wendy DeJonge

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