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March 17 2011

June and Colin showed us the training techniques first, then allowed us to try them, which we liked a lot. Both of our dogs caught on very quickly, and we see an outstanding change in them already. We were very pleased with the natural training techniques, as they seem to have worked very well on our dogs. We learned a lot from June and Colin - they were very pleasant to work with, which made training enjoyable. Bark Busters is the best. We are happy to have worked with them.

Carlos Morales

March 15 2011

The training techniques are in use daily, effective with quicker results each time. Will recommend to any dog owner.

Deborah Pritchert

March 10 2011

Was amazed how fast the dogs responded correctly.

Patti Petrulli

March 10 2011

The results were immediate and unbelievable, and the next day was even more amazing! June and Colin answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns and the way the training techniques were explained all made sense. I had tried everything else, but the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters proved the best and most effective. The whole training experience was both interesting and enjoyable - the time flew by for all of us.

Susan Collins

March 7 2011

Instructions were very clear, both spoken and by demonstration, and they followed a logical progression, providing clarification whenever questions were raised. We observed noticeable results almost immediately! Amazing!! We were very pleased, especially since my puppy and I will enjoy this training experience using the natural training techniques applied by Bark Busters. The whole training experience was both very interesting and enjoyable; held my rapt attention for almost three hours. I would recommend Bark Busters with enthusiasm to friends and neighbors, as June and Colin are professional, fine teachers and very personable with both people and pets. Exceeded my expectations.

Beverly Miller

March 5 2011

Excellent. Very satisfied. Thank you.

Cissy Perkins

March 3 2011

Nikko is improving every day. His barking has subsided considerably. Thank you!

Cathy Burcky

February 18 2011

Colin gave the best explanation (of the training techniques) I've ever been given. It all made sense. Within 30 minutes I noticed improvement and it kept going. No unusual techniques, all techniques were easy and they work. The whole training experience was so interesting and enjoyable that I didn't want them to go, neither did my dog. Very enjoyable. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters! Cesar Millan who? These trainers are the best you could want. The trainers made me understand my role and how it affected my dog. Genius!

Michelle Hamilton

February 16 2011

Colin and June did an excellent job helping us with Lovee and Bailey. We saw major improvements. We are optimistic for the future and behavioral problems we had to eventually go away. Thank You.

Judy LaBelle

February 15 2011

Because Laddie is only 3 months old, I was amazed at how quickly he responded. These excellent natural training techniques are easy to understand and the results are amazing.

Geri Creasey
Marco Island

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