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February 9 2011

I feel like the training has really improved my relationship with Ruka - we understand each other a lot better now!!

Karen Welsh

February 8 2011

The trainers were kind and extremely helpful in all their comments and training techniques. I look forward to working with them over this next year.

Sherry Weber, Gulfshore Animal Hospital

January 28 2011

Although Marlin was tired, he caught on to the techniques quickly, and even after the session, he STILL understood! :-) It is nice, humane and pleasant. It is great to "think like a dog" to understand their behavior. Very helpful. It was nice to observe the "how to" and then experience the "hands on". Very helpful, and I would recommend Bark Busters.

Stacey Cox, CVT, VPM, Eastside Animal Clinic

January 26 2011

Excellent in every respect. I recommend Bark Busters.

Damien C. Lin, VMD, St. Francis Animal Clinic

January 25 2011

I was amazed that my dog's bad habits instantly transformed into "role model" behavior.

Barbara Fortin-Silvia

January 22 2011

It is a very positive training method. Very pleasant couple - love the collars!

Sally Leininger

January 21 2011

We would recommend Bark Busters.

Bill & Phyllis Foley
Marco Island

January 21 2011


Sonia Grafton

January 20 2011

I observed noticeable results by the end of this single lesson, with both my dogs. My 9-week old puppy, and my 5-year old Jack Russell "Louie" who never walked on a leash without pulling. With the Bark Busters collar she walks great now!! :-) I loved the training and learned a lot!! Colin and June were wonderful!

Mary Lou Butler

January 15 2011

Tucker shows marked improvement. Responds very well to training tools. I like Bark Busters philosophy and the Glass' docile approach!

Melanie Gradsky

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