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April 13 2010

Knowledgeable, very competent, very pleasant and friendly.

John R. Wood

April 10 2010

Excellent results with "Door Behaviors." We thought the techniques were both humane and effective. June and Colin Glass were very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. We enjoyed the experience.

Erin Brady

April 2 2010

Great team to work with. Considerate yet consistent with our dogs.

Susan Bern
Marco Island

March 30 2010

Excellent throughout. It gave us hope to be able to keep our pitbull! Thanks again.

Steve Edwards

March 29 2010

Yes! It works! We had a great time watching our dog learn. We wish we would have called Bark Busters a year ago - the results are more than we hoped for. Thanks again, Colin and June!

Amanda Steinmann

March 29 2010

Colin and June work together as a real team - our dog loved them, and we were both very impressed within a short time of their visit. As our dog had come from an abusive situation, we were pleased with their natural training techniques, and she was responsive to their methods. The training experience was interesting, informative and enjoyable - the time went quickly!!!

Bill & Chris Barnett

March 25 2010

The training techniques were excellent, very easy to understand, and we enjoyed amazing results even by the end of the first session. The natural training techniques used by Bark Busters were the best we've ever seen. The whole training experience was wonderful, and I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to friends and neighbors.

Gail Howey

March 20 2010

A wonderful, rewarding experience. Thank you.

Toni Placito

March 12 2010

Excellent. We had a very enjoyable time with our trainers. Three hours flew by!

Traci Chalk

March 12 2010

Top marks!

Peggy Stoehr

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