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October 2 2009

Photo of Rena Collins's dog

The training was very educational and fun! I highly recommend Bark Busters training techniques for everyone who desires to have a well balanced quality relationship with their canines!

Rena Collins

September 23 2009

It was nice to have both June and Colin there, one to observe Buddy and the other to work with me without being distracted.

Sarah Brandeburg

September 19 2009

We observed noticeable results before the end of the first session. It was so quick. Colin and June were so great. The change in Rocky was almost immediate, it was amazing.

Jackie Brunell

September 15 2009

Top marks in every aspect. Molly "listens to me". She is well-behaved, has stopped barking and is a pleasure to live with. Colin and June were very helpful and I would recommend them to our friends. ---P.S. Did you sprinkle "pixie dust" around the house?

Joyce Flaton

September 15 2009

Unbelievable results; Colin and June were/are a pleasure to know and work with.

Dina Swartz

September 11 2009

Wonderful training, wonderful program.

Terry Albright

September 4 2009

Really enjoyed June and Colin's training. Laci enjoyed it too!

Marsha Stewart

August 29 2009

Colin and June were wonderful! Enjoyed training / techniques as well as education. Can't wait for our next visit!

Brian Massoll

August 3 2009

Excellent in every aspect. I couldn't believe how quickly my dog responded to the training. Thank you, I know this will make a great deal of difference in our daily lives.

Whitney Howell

June 29 2009

Like a new dog. I can't believe how simple it really is. I loved the "no treats" method and how there was no physical contact needed. This was a wonderful experience. We now are sure that we can have a happy and obedient dog.

Erin Preston

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