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June 22 2010

I searched online for dog trainers for my 6-month-old miniature pinscher for what seemed like months. When I came across Bark Busters, I was glad to find that the trainer would come to my house for training. I sent an inquiry, and Justin called me within a day; we briefly discussed my dog issues and made an appointment. As soon as I met Justin, I knew he knew his stuff. He immediately had my overly-hyper Focsi-Brown in check! I learned so much from Justin about how to get Focsi's attention and to become a better leader. What I appreciate about Justin is his ability to communicate so well with both humans and dogs. He showed that he was invested in our success, and he really wanted to help. That made me feel assured that I had the right trainer, and I highly recommend him. Thanks Justin!

Jaycee Swanson
San Diego

June 22 2010

Found Justin online... man has he helped us with our newly adopted 11-month-old St. Bernard Jethro. We called multiple trainers; all were scared away from training a 130-lb. puppy. Justin has been great to work with!!! We have seen a huge difference in Jethro's behavior. The best thing is that Justin makes the process so simple and easy. Our main intent was to find a trainer that worked similarly to Cesar Millan's techniques, and Justin is spot-on. Jethro has had issues with basic commands sit, stay, heel, and was overly excited when seeing other dogs (not a good thing when you have 130 lbs. on the other end of the leash). Jethro is now a Saint on the leash (no pun intended) and now ignores other dogs on walks! Most importantly, Justin has helped us learn how to communicate with Jethro and how to train our pack to be balanced. Thanks Justin!

Angel Ochoa & Larry James Rea
San Diego

August 10 2009

To say that Justin is good with dogs is definitely an understatement. He is wonderful with both dogs AND people. His training methodology and delivery is very effective and fun. When working on multiple issues with both of my dogs, Justin was patient when explaining what I needed to do. Then, he demonstrated what needed to be done (and made it look very easy), and finally he had me practice the techniques so he could provide feedback and suggestions on the spot.--I have been to group dog training classes, and they are nowhere near as good as Justin's individualized training. I'm so glad that he was able to help my family, and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their dogs. Thank you, Justin!

San Diego

July 30 2009

Bark Busters' training methods are amazing, and Justin Scher was great with my dog who had a very challenging problem, fear-based leash aggression. This behavior was corrected after only the second session. Due to training with Justin, our dog is more obedient in many other ways, and I learned a lot as well! I highly recommend him.

Carol Camacho
San Diego

May 26 2009

Photo of colleen cook's dog

When I first contacted Justin my dogs were out of control and I didn't know how to regain control over them. They were extremely aggressive around anyone and any dog that entered our home. On our first meeting one of my dogs tried to attack Justin, but that didn't scare him away. In fact, he quickly gained control of the situation and my dog backed down. He gave me lots of useful tools on the first visit and we discussed what I wanted to accomplish with my dogs. He educated me on dog behavior and how to become the leader of the pack.---I am not going to lie and say it was an easy journey, it took time, patients and repetition. In the end my dogs have completely changed. You can see them regard me as the leader now. It is definitely a confidence booster to know that I was able to accomplish what I thought was an impossible goal. I highly recommend Justin to anyone who is looking for a dedicated trainer. Thank you Justin!!!

colleen cook
san diego

December 12 2008

Thanks, Justin! Our two shelter we rescued dogs are now well behaved, and Ozzy stopped barking wildly when we go for walks. Your water-bag technique has stopped Ozzy from barking at dogs, and he now obeys my commands. He no longer pulls ahead of me, and they both wait patiently until I'm ready to go. When we return, they wait until I open the door, step inside and only when I call do they enter the house. Your training was fast effective and fun. We are respected by the dogs and my wife and I are the leaders of the pack. Thank you.

Jim Madere & Robin Dunn
San Diego

November 13 2008

My dogs were totally out of control and I was at my wit's end with them. Justin came to my house and in less than 2 hours they were completely different dogs - so well behaved and easy to handle. I feel like the "Dog Whisperer" just came to my house!!! Thank you! :)

Wendy Berlin
San Diego

August 31 2008

Photo of Nicole Cook's dog

Justin has been a great help in training my 5-month-old Rottweiler. My puppy and both needed the basics down and Justin was a joy to train with. We've only been training for a couple of months and already my little Rottie walks with me, instead of pulling me. I'm glad I called bark busters. And would recommend Bark Busters as well as Justin to any dog owner. This style of training was everything I hoped for and more. With Justin as my trainer I know that if i have any issues that I can depend on him to be just a phone call away to help. ~ Justin is a wonderful trainer. He's down to earth and really easy to get along with. My dog loves him, and I can really tell he enjoys his job. He's been so helpful with getting me and my dog into shape with all of my dog/puppy concerns. I'm glad he's part of your team. He shows great joy in his work and I'm very pleased that I called your company. ~ Thank you, Justin and Bark Busters.

Nicole Cook
Lemon Grove

August 12 2008

My husband and I have two dogs, a Bichon Frise (Daisy) and a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier (Bruiser), who dominated our household due to our reluctance to correct them in fear that the discipline would mean that we did not love our puppies. Due to the lack of discipline and structure in our home, they would bark incessantly when someone came to the door or if they heard a noise, and Bruiser showed signs of aggression towards Daisy. Not only that, they would pull when we would walk them and would not come when called. Although these issues, along with a few others, seem to be pretty minor, as a whole, it made for very frustrated parents! From the moment that Justin came in to our house, the puppies knew who the leader was (and taught us how to assert ourselves as leaders) and they behaved accordingly. We saw such an improvement in our puppies' behaviors as well as their response to us in just one session. After the second session, they both are able to walk at heel and will come when called. All the other issues regarding aggression or anything else we had problems with have been virtually eliminated. We would definitely recommend Justin and Bark Busters for anyone with dogs who would like to have a more peaceful and happy household because it has definitely worked wonders for us and our puppies are a whole lot happier.

Borany and Doug Reinbold
San Diego

August 7 2008

Thanks again for helping us with Argos, he keeps getting better! We really can't say enough good things about Bark Buster's or about Justin. Justin was the second BB trainer we've seen after moving twice in the past few months, and he really went above and beyond what we expected. After seeing the transformation our dog has gone through, I really don't think any dog is beyond help. Justin gave us the tools we need to work with our uber-confident/aggressive dog, and it was great to see results so quickly. Our friends and family can't believe he's the same dog. Justin's enthusiasm and passion for dogs is apparent, and his techniques are humane, easy to learn, and they work! I would recommend anyone to Bark Buster's. The new relationship we have with our dog is well worth the time and money spent. Thank you, Justin!

Emily & Ralph Lufkin
San Diego

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