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Allison M Worth, Cook, Illinois | April 05 2019
Today was our first session with Ken. With a baby on the way we really needed help getting our dogs to understand that we are in charge and we are the pack leaders. Ken spent a lot of time with us listening to all of our concerns and showing us how to properly show them we are the boss. Our dog chase has a lot of trouble listening. In just an hour with ken, chase was so much more attentive and we really feel like with the skills ken showed us we can get our dogs trained and respect us as there pack leaders. We already booked our next appointment with Ken to help us dig even deeper into leash training. For so long we thought this was just how our dogs were going to be and we became content with there bad behaviors. With a baby on the way we realized we needed help to show us the proper tools to win back control in our house. I truly feel like ken helped us do that! I would recommend him to anyone looking for help with there dogs. He was very patient, kind, and very informative with us. We’re looking forward to our next appointment. Permalink
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Kris P Plainfield, Will, Illinois | October 23 2018
After just one session with Ken, we feel way more in control of our 9 month old puppy. We also understand her a lot better. As a shelter dog, she's had no training to this point. Walks were a nightmare and we didn't realize she was training us - rather than the other way around. I am very confident that using the simple techniques that Ken showed us will help her become a very good dog and a loving member of our family. We look forward to our next session! Permalink
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Chris T Downers Grove, Illinois | September 19 2017
I'm so happy!!! Ken came to my home and spent 2.5 hours with us. He explained everything we did and WHY we needed to do it. We worked with two of my four dogs, mainly on barking for one and feeling the need to guard the house for the other. Both dogs are doing soooo much better, even though it has only been one week. My mailman came to the door and asked if we had lost some of the dogs because it was so much quieter when he rang the bell. Then I had my parents stay for about four days. The last time my dad was here, he didn't wear his hearing aids due to the barking and growling. This time, the day after he arrived, I saw him wearing them! He said he put them in because the house was that much quieter. I work on training with them every day, and every day they seem to improve tenfold. I cannot tell you how happy I am with this whole experience! The fees for this training were more than reasonable in my opinion. However, considering the improvement in the sound level in my home, I would have paid five times as much and still been thrilled. I loved Ken, he was personable and could just look at each of my dogs and tell what their issues were, without even asking me. He even eventually won over my husband, which is not an easy task, and most people fail. Ken has earned the respect and admiration of myself and my husband. Permalink
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Kim M Oswego, Illinois | April 08 2017
Hello, I just wanted to let you know how great our session was with Ken Liddel from Bark Busters. He assessed our situation and went to work with our dog and us right away. Through his instruction and insight we were able to turn things around so that we now have a more peaceful environment as well as a better relationship with our dog. We are very grateful for his help. Permalink
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Teresa G Montgomery, Illinois | March 17 2016
When I started fostering dogs I knew my dog wouldn't be happy about it, but I thought she would get used to it. I was wrong, she continued to be aggressive, kept trying to bite them and was very territorial. It was so out of control that I had to send my first foster to a different home thinking maybe she just didn't like other female dogs. When I got a smaller, male dog, she had the same reaction and nothing could get her to accept them. I was ready to give up on my hopes of helping other dogs when I came across Bark Busters. When Ken called me, I expected he'd just get some basic information, tell me the price and set up an appt, but no, Ken actually had a conversation with me, gave me pointers over the phone and did not pressure me into using this service at all. I met with Ken twice and he helped me come to the realization that my relationship with my dog Yuki, would influence how she responds to changes in her environment. It was really simple things, that I never would have thought of and I am so grateful that we met. Now, two months later, I continue to foster and have been able to integrate these dogs into my home without disrupting the household. Yuki can be off leash in the same room as a foster dog, sit next to them and just recently, has begun playing outside with them. While this may not seem like a big deal to most, it has made the biggest difference in our lives and has helped me to continue my passion of fostering and finding homes for unwanted dogs. This was a small investment of time and money, but the rewards are ongoing. Thank you Ken and Barkbusters! You've helped me with my mission to save lives. Permalink
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Rachel S Channahon, Illinois | February 26 2016
We have had 2 training sessions with Ken Liddell so far! He is very knowledgable and professional! We have a 2 year old shep mix named Rocky. We got him when he was a year old from animal control. He came with a lot of pre-existing issues. Ken is very good with controlling Rocky and fixing those issues. Out of all of the trainers we have gone through I have seen the most improvement by far with ken! Definitely recommend. Permalink
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Mat, Sue & Annie D Oswego, Illinois | December 06 2015
We were desperate to save our rescue dog. Mickey was out of control.Ken came in and taught us. He spent hours with us & Mickey. Mickeyis approx 2 yrs. old and had spent his whole life at the shelter. So needless to say he was quite a challenge. Ken stepped in & said with confidence, Mickey could be saved & become a dog that will be safe to keep and become more manageable.I would recommend Ken to anyone & for any situation with their dog. Ken is quite wonderful to work with, he is kind, patient, & loves dogs with a passion. Mickey took to him immediately. I think Mickey knew he was in authoritative hands & Mik was putty & ready to learn.In a nutshell we highly recommend Ken to EVERYONE with a dog situation severe or otherwise ! Permalink
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Mary Ann S Naperville, Illinois | March 26 2014
I spoke with Ken on the phone about our newly rescued shepherd mix, Ella, and her lack of socialization with people. I have had dogs all of my life, Ella's issues were new for me. Ken was very understanding, supportive, and helpful in that he assured me that what I was doing at home was appropriate. I feel confident that Ella will continue to improve and blossom even more into the loving sweet girl we've come to love. Ken's assurances were just what I needed, and I am very appreciative of the time he took to talk to me, and encouraging me to contact him if I should have any further issues. Permalink
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Naperville | February 18 2012
I have a Boxer, Katie that is 2 years old. My grown children finally admitted that they did not enjoy coming over anymore due to owe dog. This information shocked me and made me realize Katie had become our 2 yr old spoiled brat and not a dog. Some how my husbund and I had lost all our common sense, treating a dog like a child. We had a very will fill spoiled boxer. i decided I needed help, ASP, In The House, One On One, I was pretty upset. I reviewed all the information on line and choice Bark Busters. Katie as a puppy had gone to several trainers, programs, and day camps never doing very well. We always just summed it up to " Katie our Clown"! Now I meant business! I contacted Ken Liddell by phone that day and he responded within a timely manner. Within two days, Ken, Katie and I were having our first training session. I was shocked to see how Katie reacted to this training method. Ken seemed to know exactly how to handle both Kate and I. Before the first session was over I understood the program and Kate knew I was in charge. By the time my husband got home I knew well enough to tech him. This means as teachers know I have mastered the program! My husband was amazed! The next day my Daughter and son-in-law came over and were pleasantly surprised. My son upon hearing the wonderful transformation decided to come watch a hockey game. This would never had been possible without the program. Katie, before Ken would be on top of our guests until we put her in a cage. Everyone is proud and happy with Katie! We really appreciate Ken Liddell and Bark Busters! Permalink
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Naperville | August 14 2009
We went through four trainers before we called Bark Busters. Our bulldog was a challenge. Ken is a professional and easy to work with. Using the Bark Busters natural training methods, we saw results by the end the first lesson. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters to anyone that is frustrated with their dogs behavior. Permalink

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