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Crystal River | January 26 2012
I am just really just amazed at the results and how quick it was!! Permalink
Inverness | January 26 2012
Laura spent time on explaining the training techniques. I saw noticeable results very soon. Laura made this very interesting. Bark Busters is very simple, quick and easy to learn. Saddie picked this up really quick. Permalink
Inverness | January 26 2012
Laura coming to our home was especially helpful. She is direct and honest about changes needed. She cares about her work !! Permalink
Ocala | January 26 2012
I was very impressed with the training techniques as Gidget learned very quickly. Permalink
Florahome | November 16 2011
Amazing !!! WOW !! Thank-you, Thank-you Laura Permalink
Gainesville | November 16 2011
Laura from Bark Busters has helped Piggy so much!! After the first lesson she listened to me so well and started showing more submissive behavior. I can finally walk Piggy on a leash without her pulling me !! I can't wait to see how she progresses over the next couple weeks after working with Laura. Thanks Bark Busters !!!! Permalink
Dunnellon | November 16 2011
Loki responded immediately to the lesson. That night my mother-in-law came to dinner and he didn't jump on her or put his paws on the table. The natural training techniques are very simple and effective. Laura made it fun and educating. Permalink
High Springs | November 16 2011
Laura did a great job and we saw results immediately. She helped us with our problems areas. Permalink
Ocala | November 14 2011
Laura using the flip chart to help explain the training techniques is a good learning tool. We were very impressed with how well Lulu responded. The natural training is a very effective method of training. With Laura, we found it to be interesting and enjoyable as well as stress free. We called a friend after the training session and told them all about Laura and Bark Busters! It was a pleasure to see Lulu react in such a positive way. !!! Permalink
Gainesville | September 08 2011
Laura took her time to explain the techniques and made it very easy to understand! Our dog Lola responded to the training right away and it has made such a huge difference in her and us! The natural training techniques are great and work well in every situation and I definitely feel in control! We enjoyed the learning so many things through this experience and enjoy working with our dog Lola. This has been a wonderful experience! I would recommend this program to anyone with a dog problem or adopting a new dog/puppy! It has made such a difference in our lives with Lola! Laura is such a wonderful trainer! She takes her time with you and makes it such a positive experience! We would recommend her to anyone and this program has made our home a happier one with Lola! She is a different dog! Permalink

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