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Gary & Patty S
Gary & Patty S Pass Christian, Mississippi | February 07 2015
Ruby has developed into a well behaved lovable dog thanks to Bark Busters training. Ruby is our third Hungarian Kuvasz, a breed known for being independent and strong willed, but we were concerned when she showed signs of aggression as early as three months old. Our vet recommended Bark Busters and we're glad we took his advice. Ruby is a different dog today than she was six months ago. She shows no aggression and has turned into a sweet, loving girl. Maureen taught us how our behavior affected Ruby's behavior and the importance of showing Ruby that we are the pack leaders. We also appreciate now that training is a life long commitment. Ruby still has room for improvement but she is generally a well behaved dog that obeys most commands today. That's a significant transformation considering where we started. Permalink
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Gulfport | April 26 2013
It was only after my husband suffered a broken ankle that required surgery (pins & plates) & I endured a bruised coccyx that I knew I had to do something with our Leia; a 75lb boxer mix since, sending her to the pound wasnt even an option. Moving from New Orleans where Leia was able to run free in our backyard to an apt complex was a challenge no, a nightmare! The squirrel chasing & her dragging me was unbelievable, our walks were so stressful & intense. I really believed there was no hope. On the 1st visit with Maureen I was amazed at Leia's improvement. Following the homework assignments & follow up visits, 4 in total, I was astonished. Our walks are so enjoyable & for the most part safe. We have come a long way & now focused on other behavioral issues (chewing & stealing) with her & our Chihuahua, Chewie. Maureen is so patient & knowledgeable about what she does. And we thank her & Bark Busters tremendously for the training provided to our family. Permalink
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Gulfport | April 18 2012
It was with a recommendation from some close friends that my wife and I decided to try Bark Busters and Maureen. And, I have to say that my wife and I were not happy with the results, we were awestruck. Never did we think that we would see such progress so quickly. With little experience with large breed dogs, my wife and I wanted to have some help getting our Mastiff pup going in the right direction. Maureen not only helped us set up a training schedule for the pup, she taught us how to train him the best way I have seen. Thank you Maureen, you not only helped us train our puppy, you have made our lives much brighter! Permalink
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Long Beach | February 07 2012
Last Summer, Dinozzo, my Chihuahua mix and I, moved to the Gulf Coast, and one of the major changes for Dinozzo was that he was around more kids and people as I used to live alone in the suburbs or Chicago. As a result, Dinozzo became very territorial and more aggressive when visitors or delivery people came to the house. This was a major concern as I was afraid that Dinozzo would attack someone, so something needed to be done about his behavior or I would have to give him back to the adoption company that I got him from in 2010. I first tried a person whom used very aggressive training methods to curb his aggressiveness, and neither Dinozzo or I was comfortable with this technique, so I searched the web for alternate training ideas. I came across Bark Busters, which I had seen advertised at a few places, and decided to give them a call, and I setup a meeting at the house with Maureen McManus, their trainer on the Gulf Coast. Once Maureen arrived at the house, Dinozzo was barking his head off and wanted nothing to do with Maureen. It became very difficult hearing Maureen while Dinozzo was in the room, so he was put in his kennel in the back bedroom. He continued to bark for quite some time until he tired himself out. During this time, Maureen went over the program with my wife and I, and this last about 90 minutes. We then brought Dinozzo back in the room and started applying the training exercises with him, under Maureen's direction and correction, and he started adopting a better behavior over the next two hours. Over the next three weeks, I trained Dinozzo 2-3 times a day for about 10 minutes each, following the training exercises that Maureen prescribed, and Dinozzo became a much better dog. The first follow-up session, Maureen saw a marked difference in Dinozzo as he was more calm when she came to the door, and even came to her when called. I continued to follow the training program over the next couple of weeks, and Maureen came over for another follow-up session and was shocked at how quiet and playful Dinozzo had become since the first time she met him. Needless to say, we are quite happy with our Bark Busters experience and I have recommended them to friends and family on the Gulf Coast, as well as the Chicago area. Many thanks go out to Maureen and Bark Busters. Permalink
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Gulfport | January 12 2012
It's not that Morgan wasn't the best natured dog in the world, but at 80 lbs., he wanted to take me to whatever interested him. Not a fun experience. But in one session, Maureen had him out of the choke collar, off the heavy leash, and paying attention. It's been almost a week, and except for a leader who is taking longer to remember HER training (me), we have had great and enjoyable walks every day. We had a great time with Maureen; I'm looking forward to her coming back and training me again! Wonderful program. Permalink
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Biloxi | March 22 2011
The training techniques were easy to follow and understand. I knew I would be getting noticeable results, but I was even more dog was a genius! The training experience was fun and very rewarding. Maureen was outstanding! Permalink
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Biloxi | March 22 2011
I found the Bark Busters training methods excellent in all areas. The differences thus far are amazing! I look forward to even better behavior in the future. Permalink
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Gulfport | March 22 2011
The training techniques could not have been explained any easier. I was amazed with the difference in my dogs after the first session. The experience was fun for us and our dogs. I have recommended Bark Busters to a couple of neighbors and also to relatives. Permalink
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Pascagoula | March 22 2011
The training techniques could not have been explained better. Result were amazing, like different dogs! People who come into the vet clinic always ask what I've heard about Bark Busters, and now I can tell them I know first hand how great it is! Permalink
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Biloxi | March 22 2011
Great method of training dog and owner. Easy to understand. Permalink

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