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Ocean Springs | May 23 2007
I already have recommended Bark Busters. We made tremendous progress in one day. Permalink
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Pass Christian | May 23 2007
Amazing changes in dog behavior. Permalink
Biloxi | May 23 2007
Maureen did an excellent job of making us feel that we could gain control with Pogy's training. Permalink
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Gulfport | May 23 2007
Maureen was impressively knowledgeable - not only explained corrective actions, but also explained reasoning for negative behavior and why corrective actions work. Permalink
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Long Beach | May 23 2007
The worst behavior problems were solved after the first training lesson. We are in absolute shock as to how fast this works. Permalink
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Gulfport | May 23 2007
Excellent explanation of training techniques - very detailed. Noticeable results - Billy relaxed in the middle of the training - Billy barked 45 minutes upon Maureen's arrival. The natural training techniques were very easy to understand. Maureen is dedicated to her chosen profession and found her to be an asset to us. Permalink

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