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April 19 2010

Nikki took the time to make sure we understood everything she was telling/showing us. We still have a lot of work to do and some big challenges ahead, but the results after the first day were amazing. I was very unsure at first. I treated the dogs more like little people than dogs, so at first I wasn't so sure about some of the things like: no dogs on the furniture or in bed, etc., but it is working wonders. I didn't understand the pack mentality or the fact that we needed to be the dominant leaders. Nikki showed us how to train and lead while building a strong bond with our dogs. We would recommend Bark Busters! This is by far the most successful training around. The lifetime plan gives me peace of mind that if we work hard, but if we stumble, Bark Busters will be there with excellent suggestions and advice to help us along!

Sara Balko
Oak Creek

April 19 2010

Nikki was AWESOME!!! She explained things and answered all questions! I think Max has realized his place in one session. Nikki took extra time to work with Max and us on certain things. We didn't feel rushed. Nikki makes it fun!! She has a great people/dog personality. I'll be talking nothing but positives. Very happy! Laura and I are very pleased. Coming from a military background, I'm always skeptical. But I am very pleased. Money well spent.

Wesley Manning

March 15 2010

Nikki was very clear and concise in her explanations. Mindy is already a different dog, after only one session. The "BAH" is a wonderful tool for training. Four years of struggling to manage Mindy's behavior, and all I needed was my voice. I love the hands-off techniques. I've worked with two other trainers and three vets to figure out how to best help Mindy-this is the method that works! Mindy, I was told by one trainer, was the equivalent of an ADHD person, and something wasn't connecting in her mind. Nikki found the right connection. The dog I once though of re-housing, the hopelessness I felt, is gone. In her place is my forever pet, Mindy.

Mary Mucilli

December 14 2009

Nikki was very friendly and detailed. We recognize we, as pack leaders, have a lot of work to do. Our dogs responded well to the training techniques; there were definitely noticeable improvements. The training techniques were easy to learn and easy to repeat. We love that we have a variety of options as we have three very different dogs. The training experience was very pleasant. Nikki is great, she offers a lot of tips and is very helpful. We look forward to continue using the techniques in our home! We have already recommended these services to our friends.

Melissa Edwards
St. Francis

November 16 2009

Olive was listening and responding better by the end of the session. We were pleased with the natural training techniques and Olive seemed to like them too! It was helpful to see how the training works and then to try it and get suggestions from the trainer. I already have recommended Bark Busters. I am really impressed with the training and am really glad we did it. Thank you!

Teal Schroeder

October 26 2009

Everything Nikki suggested seemed very easy to do, it wasn't overwhelming. We observed noticeable results by the end of training. Lady was much better all day, even after Nikki left. I am amazed! Everything seems so obvious once you know it. It already feels natural. I am very pleased with our experience. Nikki made me feel at ease and listened to our specific concerns. It didn't feel like a ‘cookie cutter' program.

Jeni Justman

October 20 2009

I saw results during the training. The training was interesting and enjoyable; I was very sad when our trainer left.

Alexandra Koroscik

October 20 2009

While I was familiar with some techniques it was good to review and to discuss some of the specifics as they relate to my dog. My dog and I have much work (practice) to do, but he was very responsive to the training. With more practice, the techniques will be easy to incorporate into our daily routines. I was somewhat apprehensive at first because I have trained other dogs previously, but I found the experience very informative. I look forward to our upcoming sessions.

Kathie Cowles

October 20 2009

Nikki always made sure to ask whether or not what she had told me made sense and I could tell that she really wanted us to succeed. Unfortunately he started to act out after a couple of days but I don't believe that was at the fault of the trainer. Things are starting to get better. I was pleased with the natural training techniques except for the ‘bah' as a correction but it works so I am trying my best. There were so many things that I didn't know that affected Charlie's behavior and I am really happy to know that I can make changes myself that will make him behave better. I would recommend Bark Busters because I think we're on the road to success and I would want others to get the same results.

Megan Kis

September 21 2009

Nikki explained the training techniques very well. I did notice some results by the end of training. I like the fact that there was no yelling or scolding involved. I would and will recommend Bark Busters. I really enjoyed the experience and thought the information and training techniques were extremely useful and I will be continuing the training techniques I learned.

Crystal Wubker
West Allis

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