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June 9 2008

I was glad Nikki presented the knowledge. It immediately convinced me to trust her. We both did well. I think Hannah did much better than I expected. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable. It is a quick solution; in dog class there isn't immediate feedback for the owner. The wrap up at the end is a perfect review. When Nikki left I felt confident that if there was a problem I only needed to refer to my materials.

Kathy Adelmeyer with Hannah Belle a St. Bernard

June 3 2008

We were amazed at how quickly Charlie responded to the training, we are very, very satisfied! I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone! Nikki was great. We could not believe how quickly she was able to help us control Charlie. We were amazed. Thank you!

Mike Bates

May 20 2008

Everything was easy to follow and easy to practice with my dog. I am truly amazed by the progress my dog has made in such little time. Nikki has been wonderful. I really enjoyed working with her. I told my entire office about the great training!

Jaclyn Meulbrock

May 20 2008

Nikki was wonderful in showing me what I was doing wrong without making me feel dumb. I realize it's more training the owner, then the dogs. I was very amazed at how quick I was able to get the positive response I wanted. I am pleased with the natural training techniques because both of my dogs are rescue's from abusive situations so it's nice to see the positiveness Bark Busters technique. Nikki is very pleasant and outgoing and always willing to answer and explain all questions. I already have recommend Bark Busters to friends and neighbors!

T. Luckow , Vet Tech at Schmidt Veterinary Clinic
West Bend

May 20 2008

Nikki is very organized, very easy to follow and very helpful. Within 10 minutes of one-on-one with Nikki, our dog was turned around. We are very pleased. Her explanations made total sense. We were left wondering ‘why hadn't we ever thought of that!" She was gentle and nurturing while being in control. The training was interesting and enjoyable, best of all our home life is back to being enjoyable. We are much happier and our dog is much happier now that all of us are on the same page. Our recommendation would be that all new dog owners consider the training. It has enabled us to welcome our new dog into out life forever.

Steve & Lisa Cottingham with Cola, West Highland W

April 8 2008

Nikki is very thorough. We noticed results right away during the training exercises. We are very pleased with the Bark Busters natural techniques. We absolutely recommend Bark Busters to friends and neighbors. The Bark Busters method is intuitive and effective, once you learn from your therapist, how to COMMUNICATE with your dog. Nikki is a wonderful teacher. She takes adequate time to make sure you understand the method and is always available to answer any questions we may have we are learning how to be strong leaders for our dogs, thanks to her.

Jessica and James Foley

February 19 2008

I thought everything was very well presented. If I became confused, Nikki would go over a point again until I understood the concept she was teaching me. There were noticeable results, Brandy was more focused. The natural training is pure genius; no treats, no discipline that involves a ‘heavy hand', no jerking the dog around, no stern commands etc. I would recommend Bark Busters because it is a simple, humane way to have a well-behaved dog. I am very excited about having a dog I can live peacefully with and take with me in all various situations.

Nancy Adams
Fox Point

May 7 2007

Photo of Amanda's dog

I can't believe the change I saw in my dog right away. She took about 15 minutes to realize that her days of bossing us around were over and she started to pay attention to what I wanted. Imagine that! She cares what I want! I kept asking Nikki why my dog wasn't moving and she'd say, "Well, you haven't told her to do anything." She was just lying down quietly next to us, something I thought she was incapable of doing. I am so happy with our first visit, I was really worried it wouldn't be worth the cost. I know that Zoe is going to be a different dog from now on. Her separation anxiety will be a thing of the past in no time. Nikki was great, she was really nice and was fun to talk to about why dogs do what they do. I just wish I had found this service sooner; I could have saved thousands of dollars spent trying to control my dog when all I needed to do was prove that I am in charge. Definitely call these people. They are worth every penny.


April 17 2007

Ruby's (5-yr-old Irish setter) change was like night and day. She continued even after Nikki left. What a joy! We were pleased with the natural training techniques. It all made perfect sense. It brought all the philosophies I had into one neat package. The experience was interesting especially when the results were so complete. We would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. We have an even happier dog than before. She's such a joy. We still can't believe 24 hours later she's retained everything. It's easy to enforce, too.

Dinah Baehring
Muskego, WI

April 17 2007

Our therapist was on time, professional, knowledgeable and an excellent listener! We would recommend Bark Busters.

Rev. James Hill
Jackson, WI

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