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Nikki Visoky

Nikki Visoky

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April 14 2015
Nikki did a wonderful job! My husband and I have had dogs for 37 years and have been to dog training sessions. She helps you understand how dogs communicate and how to get their cooperation and respect. Bristol, our rescue, we have had for 3 months and she just finished her first obedience class. She was having trouble healing � Nikki showed me some techniques and she was healing perfect in five minutes. Brutus has been barking when we leave for four years and he was 50 percent better in one lesson. It�s harder to train the owners and change their bad habits than the dogs. Nikki is a true Dog Whisperer, our dogs listened better to her than us and we love and spend time with them. She is a joy to work with. Thank you Nikki, Mary and Mark...Read More

Mary W Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

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February 17 2015
Nikki was punctual, efficient, and easy to work with. She has a positive and strong energy that my dog responded to immediately. We covered a lot of things during our first lesson, and my dog is already showing improvement....Read More

Sara M Shorewood, Wisconsin

Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Recall
December 02 2014
Nikki did a wonderful job training me, my husband, and our dogs! From our firist visit it was obvious that she was very comfortable handling all sorts of situations, and she confidently addressed all of our concerns. We were adamant that we did not want to use punishment while training, and she gave us the confidence and resources we needed to succeed, without punishment or treats. With each new change we implemented, we could see our dogs becoming progressively more calm. This training has been a great experience for all of us, and we would absolutely recommend Nikki to anyone seeking training!...Read More

Jessica F Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling
October 23 2013
I learned so much in a short time and now we are trying to apply these methods to our training....Read More

Patricia M Brookfield, WI.

Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Jumping up, Toileting
October 17 2013
Nikki did a GREAT job! I felt by the time she left that Pippin and I had learned a great deal. She was clear and concise. Her training has been easy to follow as I work with Pippin these first two weeks...and we are making progress!...Read More

Barbara W Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Other
January 17 2013
Nikki is wonderful! She made (makes) me feel confident in training my dog. I have called her and emailed her several times for more advice and ideas, since my dog is kind of stubborn and a puppy, and she always gives me great tips to keep up my progress. Nikki always lets me know she is available and doesn't make me feel like I am bothering her with all of my questions! Laura Vuolo and family w/ Lloyd a 6 month old lab/hound...Read More

Menomonee Falls

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December 03 2012
After the first hour, I saw a change in my dog. He's listening better & I don't have to keep repeating myself....Read More


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December 03 2012
Well -- after having two Beagles for over a year, my wife and I were at wits end trying to train them to keep them from peeing on the carpet and bedding. We were to the point that we literally were going to give the dogs up. Our vet suggested Bark Busters and we called the 800 number. That evening we received a callback and an appointment was set. Nikki, quite literally, saved the day. She told us all the things we were doing wrong (and honestly, no book, internet page, etc. mentioned the things she did). She spent over two hours with me and I have taken the training to heart and followed what she suggested to the letter. I am happy to report that not only have we been accident free for two weeks (a record in our house) but we are enjoying the dogs much better as well. I HIGHLY recommend Nikki and her services!...Read More


October 31 2011
Nikki thoroughly explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. We were pleased with the dog's behavior when we were answering the door, which was an issue before. Bark Busters is much better than the "treat" reward system we were using. We liked her relaxed, positive manner of training and interaction....Read More


October 31 2011
Really enjoyed working with Nikki, can't wait until our next lesson. I was amazed at how responsive all 4 dogs were to what she was teaching us. Very pleased! We have done the physical training and the treat training and didn't like either one. Nikki is great, easy to understand, patient with our questions and never seemed rushed. I have already referred a friend in Texas....Read More


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