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October 16 2013

Pam Moseley dealt with: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Digging Hyperactivity Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Pulling on the Lead Recall or not coming when called

When we first met Pam, my wife and I were a little reluctant on how things were going to work out with Willie or dog. Willie was a dog who liked to jump on us outside and run at us; you might say he had a mind of his own. So Pam instructed us how to approach Willie so we are in control, which works better for us. So the next time Pam came over she saw Willie has improved. So we appreciate her showing us how to become a pack leader. Thank you Pam

Art & Helen S.
Vicksburg, Michigan

September 13 2013

Pam Moseley dealt with: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger

Pam was able to explain my dogs aggressive tendencies and we worked on that along with lots of other behaviors. Maeleigh isn't perfect yet but we work every day and she is a much happier, well behaved dog. Pam was an excellent trainer for us all!

Cindy G.
Plainwell, Michigan

May 23 2013

Photo of Fiona Pott's dog

We have a very head strong Portuguese Water Dog, Gina, This was the first meeting! Pam is very good. I think Gina will take the entire year to come around. This will work, it just takes time! Pam explained the techniques clearly, I need to learn only a couple on each visit or it is confusing. I found the training experience interesting -enjoyable, no- it's hard work. Gina requires constant repetition/over time. I miss the treats, but will get over it. We won't always have a treat when we need her to do something.

Fiona Pott
Kalamzoo, Michigan

May 1 2013

Our 40lb dog, Sophie, was unpredictable with dogs and people. We were ready to put her down even though she is so sweet. Dr. Sauer at Schoolcraft Vet gave me a pamphlet on 'Bark Busters." After the 1st visit, Pam taught me techniques and explained how dogs think. There was tremendous improvement in three weeks. We will be able to work with Sophie and save her. Our 6 lb. Chihuahua, Izzie, would bark, growl, and nip at heels. She was so protective of me that no one would get near me without a growl. Pam pointed out that Izzie was in charge of our house and I needed to establish control. The technique Pam taught me took care of most of the problem in three weeks. I am looking forward to working on even more areas with Pam. Our lives are so much better already.

Patricia Bowen

March 12 2013

Photo of Jennifer Stell's dog

Pam was perfect for this job/profession. She was friendly, calm, and positive with both our Abby and us. She told us step by step procedures - then showed them- then had both of us try them out. She was the perfect coach - always encouraging. In just 24 hours I see changes in our dog's behavior - and ours. I would highly recommend Pam Moseley as a top notch dog trainer.

Jennifer Stell

January 31 2013

Photo of Shelly's dog

Murphy responded remarkably well to the training techniques. After the first lesson, he already seemed to respect me as the leader of the pack. These techniques seem to be much more effective than any we've learned at our puppy obedience classes. These techniques are amazing! Murphy did very well for about 3 days after our initial training session. He still responds to the commands/techniques, but it seems to take longer for him to respond. He is very strong willed, but I feel with lots of practice, over time, he will cath on & be more passive & willing to please.


December 4 2012

Photo of Marj Renouf's dog

Pam explained the training techniques clearly and watched to make sure we understood. I was amazed at how quickly our two Goldendoodles responded to the training. I am very pleased with the positive training techniques used. I'm not sure Gus and Gracie realized they were being trained. It was interesting the way Bark Busters used the psychology of the dog and your body language to achieve a very pleasant relationship between you and your dog.

Marj Renouf

December 4 2012

Photo of Ashley Freed's dog

I loved that Pam went through personal experiences with me. They were very funny. Anytime I was even remotely frustrated, Pam would tell me about how hard it was for her too at first and made it much more reassuring. Stella was starting to listen much better by the end of the training.

Ashley Freed

December 4 2012

Pam was very thorough and to the point. Salsa took to some of the commands very quickly. I was very surprised. The natural training techniques used by Bark Busters is better than giving treats all the time. I have already recommended Bark Busters to someone at work. Home dog training is what I wanted in the first place. Sessions are longer which is good. Not just 45 minutes (like some classes)

Christine Wotta

November 29 2012

Photo of Chris Cunningham's dog

I am very pleased with the whole training experience. Everything was explained to suit the needs of the three dogs that I have. It takes time and consistency. I liked that the trainer was able to come to the house to help my Mother with the whole process, for she was unable to go to the traditional training classes for dog training.

Chris Cunningham

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